New AEG 18v Fusion Brushless 125mm 5” Angle Grinders Spotted

2 new AEG brushless 18v 125mm 5” angle grinders have showed up on the Bunnings AU website. These new units looks to be the new flagship models with the options of paddle and lock switch available. Both switch styles fit different users and applications for both safety and comfort, so having 2 models will make them more appealing. While only one is branded as Fusion, the other unit is basically the same aside from the switch, which makes me think they will both be Fusion eventually. Being Fusion these grinders should perform the best with the AEG Force batteries.

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My thoughts: With a much slimmer handle and 11,000 rpm, these look to be more ergonomic and powerful grinders for the AEG 18v line. 11,000 rpm is very good for cordless grinders as most stay below 10,000. I really like that they added dust screens on the motor vents to keep the motor fan from sucking in grinding particulates, which will ultimately extend the life of the grinder. Another nice feature is these both have an electric brake, which slows down the disc much faster than a normal grinder would, making it safer to use. Both units also feature kickback protection which will protect the operator in the event of the disc binding in the material. I believe here in the USA, there’s a very good chance we will get at least one model as part of Ridgid’s Octane line, although I cannot confirm this so well have to wait and see. No word on if or when we’ll see a USA Ridgid version release.

Features and specifications:

  • Paddle switch and lock-on switch options
  • Brushless motor
  • 125mm 5” wheel capacity
  • 3 position side handle
  • Motor vent screen
  • Sealed electronics
  • Tool-less blade guard
  • RPM: 11,000
  • Voltage: 18v DC
  • Anti kickback feature to reduce the risk of injury in the event of a bind up
  • Electric brake slows the disc down quickly
  • Price at the time of writing: Paddle switch model: $299 Australian at Bunnings Warehouse Australia. Lock switch model: $249 Australian at Bunnings Warehouse Australia.
  • Warranty: 6 years
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They are 125mm not 115mm.

I have used the previous brushless version and it definitely is good, plenty of power and smooth running. The only thing I didn’t like, which is an individual preference, was the slide switch which has been addressed with the two options with this release.

Josh The Tooldude

Yes the 2 switch options will definitely be more appealing to different users. I have the Ridgid that is the equivalent to the brushless model you have and for my use I don’t mind the lock switch but a paddle switch would be nice for some applications. Although they say the electronics are sealed the dust screens should keep metal particulates off of the motor magnets and out of the bearings. Also as mentioned they have 11,000 rpm which is a huge gain from the 8,500 rpm on the current model


Josh, 125mm is 5inches not 4 1/5. I double checked on AEG’s website and they are indeed 125mm.

Josh The Tooldude

Yes, sorry about that. So used to 4.5″ being pretty standard here. I’ll see about correcting it.


No worries, cheers.

Josh The Tooldude

Thanks for pointing that out. It has been corrected.