New Bosch Cordless 18V and 12V Oscillating Multitools with Starlock Mount Spotted

Bosch and Fein co-developed what could possibly be the best oscillating multitool accessory mount recently with the new Starlock mount and have made all sorts of new Starlock accessories and multitools. So Far Bosch has announced two new corded models using the new Starlock mount – one with a Starlock Plus mount and one with the beefy Starlock Max mount while the current cordless models stay untouched. If you’re fortunate to live in the UK you’ll soon be able to get your hands on two new Bosch cordless models featuring the new Starlock mount.

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bosch GOP 18V-28 Professional & gop 10.8V-28

There will be a new Bosch 18V model named the Bosch GOP 18V-28 Professional which includes the Starlock Plus Mount and it will be replacing the current model GOP 18 V-EC Professional multitool. Just like the outgoing GOP 18 V-EC Professional, the new Bosch GOP 18V-28 Professional model will feature a brushless “EC” motor  and claims to have the performance of the corded model. The previous 18V model was said to have power similar to the corded MX30e (a 3.0 amp model) while the new 18V model is said to have power similar to the Bosch GOP 40-30 Professional which is a 4.0 amp model so by my simple guesstimate, the new Bosch GOP 18V-28 Professional cordless model with Starlock mount should be a tad more powerful than the outgoing cordless model. This new 18V cordless model looks nearly identical to the corded Bosch GOP 40-30 and has the same front end. The new cordless model isn’t listed as having an LED light but because it’s the same front end as the corded model which does have a built in LED light, I’m going to speculate that this cordless model also has a built in LED on the front – but I just can’t confirm it.

As for the 12V model (known as 10.8V outside the USA) it will be called the GOP 10.8V-28 Professional and also features the Starlock mount. The 12V (10.8V) model isn’t said to replace a previous cordless 12V model and Bosch doesn’t compare it to a corded model and that’s because 12V multitools aren’t corded replacements. They don’t exactly have the power of corded models but are great compliments to corded models and have “enough” power for small jobs where portability is a must. Although the new Bosch Starlock 12V model isn’t listed as replacing any other 12V model, I will say that there already is a cordless 12V model made by Bosch known as the Bosch 12V Multi-X PS50BN. Obviously the biggest difference between the two 12V models is the Starlock mount on the new model, although it seems that the new Starlock 12V model won’t take full advantage of the Starlock mount as the new multitool still requires a bolt and hex key to install blades. We’re talking about the ancient way of installing blades and this has pretty much gone extinct on all new multitool models coming out so it’s sad to say it still exists on new multitools produced today such as this one. It appears the only benefit of the Starlock mount on this 12V multitool is the indented 12 pointed star shape on the mount built onto the tool to have better grip and torque transfer of the new Starlock accessories but users will not be able to benefit from quick snap on and snap off accessory mounting like the other Bosch Starlock multitools. And just like other Bosch 12V (10.8V) power tools, it will have a fuel gauge built into the tool to check the remaining battery charge.

These Bosch cordless 18V and 12V (10.8V) cordless multitools will be available in Europe in the autumn 2016. As for us here in the USA, I am not sure when or if they will make their way over here to the states.


GOP 18V-28 Professional

(replaces GOP 18 V-EC

GOP 10.8V-28 Professional

Battery voltage/capacity 18 V/2.0 Ah 10.8 V (12V) / 2.5 Ah
Accessory performance
  • Starlock
  • StarlockPlus
  • Starlock
Oscillation angle (left/right) 1.4° 1.4°
No-load speed 8000 ‒ 20,000 rpm 5000 ‒ 20,000 rpm
Grip circumference 193 mm (7.6″) 165 mm (6.5″)
Tool length 312mm/12.28″ (without battery) 267mm/11.5″ (without battery)
Accessory mounting system Tool-free with ‘Snap-In’ With allen key
Weight 1.6 kg/3.5 lbs (without battery) 0.8 kg/1.76 lbs (without battery)
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