New Empire e75 Series True Blue Box Levels


One of the first in the range of next generation product upgrades Empire will launch this year, these new e75 Series True Blue Box Levels are designed to offer the very best in level performance, durability, and technology. The newest upgrade to Empire’s line of high-performing True Blue products, these new Box levels are available in both magnetic and non-magnetic, and are said to be 40% stronger and 20% lighter than leading solutions on the market today.


The new e75 True Blue Box Levels represent the very best in high-performing layout solutions for Empire. To provide maximum durability and eliminate common level frame deformations seen during harsh jobsite use, the e75 Series is constructed with a high strength all-metal aluminum frame. The precision milled edges and exclusive e-Band vials provides maximum visibility and .0005”/inch (0.029 degrees) accuracy.

e75 application

Core to the e75 Series of Box Levels’ extreme durability is Empire’s patented Reinforced Vial Locking System that protects the center acrylic block vial for longer life accuracy without compromising the 300° viewing window for enhanced visibility from any angle.

For added utility, the e75 Series integrates rubber surface grips around the vial to prevent the level from sliding on flat or angled surfaces and all-rubber shock absorbing endcaps for increased protection from frequent drops and damage. The shock-absorbing endcaps can also be easily removed tool-free for use in tight spaces or in long distance scribe marking applications. All magnetic models include powerful rare earth magnets which provide maximum holding strength when measuring door frames, steel studs, ferrous pipe, and other common metal-working applications.

e75 application

The newly designed e75 Series True Blue® Box Levels join the recently released e55 True Blue® I-Beam Levels as the first in an array of high performing next generation product upgrades Empire will launch this year to expand its range of advanced layout solutions. All the True Blue products are backed by a limited lifetime warranty and confirm Empire’s commitment to best-in-class innovation and durability.

E75 Series True Blue® Box Level Models


24” True Blue® Box Level (e75.24)

32” True Blue® Box Level (e75.32)

48” True Blue® Box Level (e75.48)

72” True Blue® Box Level (e75.72)

96” True Blue® Box Level (e75.96)

32″ & 78″ True Blue® Box Level Jamb Set (e75JAMB)


24” True Blue Magnetic Box Level (em75.24)

48” True Blue Magnetic Box Level (em75.48)

78” True Blue Magnetic Box Level (em75.78)

96” True Blue Magnetic Box Level (em75.96)

32″ & 78″ True Blue Magnetic Box Level Jamb Set (em75JAMB)

Available: July 2016

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