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Every year in June Milwaukee tool hosts a special event called the New Product Symposium in which they showcase new Milwaukee products. I wasn’t able to make it this year but fortunately Milwaukee shared some of the news of their new products with me – and this year is a great one!

In the last three posts we took a look at their cordless M18 and M12 power toolslighting, and storage products. In this article we’ll take a brief look at their newest hand tools and gear products, and not just Milwaukee but also from Empire Level which also made an appearance at this years NPS2017.

Just keep in mind I don’t have pics of each item yet, but I do have a short description. I will update with new pics as they come in.

Empire Level Cases – Launch September 2017

Empire’s new level storage solutions offer users the ability to protect their investment in their level layout instruments. Available in 24”, 48”, and 78”, the Empire level storage products feature protective padding, a reinforced top handle for secure transport, and two dedicated pockets for torpedo levels. Users who are consistently carrying multiple levels to and from jobsites will now have a durable, work-ready option that they can trust to protect their leveling tools

Milwaukee® Pocket Level 48-22-5102 – Launch July 2017

The new Milwaukee® Pocket Level features the industry’s strongest magnets. Providing functionality similar to a protractor, a Locking 360° Adjustable Vial secures the vial in place so users can identify and repeat any angle needed. A locking screw protects the accuracy of the vial whether it’s taken in and out of pockets or pouches. SHARPSITE™ Vial Technology magnifies the bubble so it’s easier to read, and the vial is engineered with high-impact acrylic for ultimate durability that will protect accuracy over the life of the level.

Milwaukee® Level Storage – Launch October 2017

Milwaukee’s new level storage solutions offer users the ability to protect their investment in their level layout tools. Available in both Starter and Master Sets, or sold separately, the storage is constructed of tough 600D Nylon that is water resistant and 1680D Nylon on the backside for maximum durability when sliding in and out of areas. All metal integrated tool loops and a carrying handle provide added versatility and ease of transportation. External storage gives users an extra option for storage miscellanious building materials.

Milwaukee REDSTICK™ Concrete Levels – Launch October 2017

Designed with a magnesium base and new-to-world SHARPSITE™ Vial Technology, the new REDSTICK™ Concrete Levels are the most durable and easy to read concrete layout solutions for professional tradesmen – delivering precision accuracy within 0.029 degrees. A magnesium base provides a dedicated concrete working edge, with a rounded edge for forming and smoothing, and a squared edge for screeding & striking. An ergonomic keyhole frame delivers maximum durability and continuous grip across the entire level.

Milwaukee Bolt Cutters – Launch September 2017

Available in 14” and 24”, the new bolt cutters are designed with heavy duty forged steel blades and bolts that won’t loosen – translating to more cuts and longer life. Also included in the lineup are two adaptable bolt cutters with extendable arms for higher leverage.

Milwaukee Ratcheting Pipe Cutters 48-22-4210 48-22-4215 – Launch July 2017

The new 1-5/8” and 2-3/8” Ratcheting Pipe Cutters are engineered with the blade durability needed to deliver straight and easy cuts in PVC, CPVC, PEX, rubber hose, and ABS.

Milwaukee Snips Expansion 48-22-4510 48-22-4500 – Launch September 2017

Designed to address common user frustrations, the new line of Aviation Snips features the best-in-class blade performance users have come to expect from the widely popular offering, with the added benefits of improved ergonomics, handles, and locks.

Milwaukee Hawk Bill Fixed Blade Knife   – Launch October 2017

These are commonly used by utility linemen to strip cable. Linemen often wear thick gloves that are limit dexterity, so fixed blades allow easier access than folding knives. Milwaukee Tool’s hawk bill will feature a stainless steel blade engineered to stay sharper longer, giving linemen the ability to strip more cable before sharpening. The large ergonomic handle is designed for easy handling while wearing thick gloves. A full tang provides durability for heavy use. Includes an integrated lanyard hole for easy tethering and a durable molded sheath.

Milwaukee Fixed Blade Knife  – Launch October 2017

Milwaukee Tool’s general purpose fixed blade work knife features a 4” stainless steel blade engineered to stay sharper longer than competition. It is built with a full tang for durability and an ergonomic handle for comfortable use. Includes a durable molded sheath for easy carry.

Milwaukee HARDLINE™ Fixed Blade Knife – Launch October 2017

Geared towards users’ offsite cutting needs, ideal for camping, hiking, etc. It features a 5” AUS8 blade and full tang construction for extreme durability. An overmolded handle provides a strong secure grip. The molded sheath is designed for versatile carry, either vertical or horizontal, installed on the user’s belt, paracord, or webbing systems.

Milwaukee Low Voltage VDV Tools  – Launch November 2017

Milwaukee announces 5 key VDV tools (Punchdown Tool, Modular Crimper, Electrician Snips, Ethernet Stripper, and 4-in-1 Multi-Pick Tool) to help users make more accurate and efficient Cat5/6 terminations and connections. Noteworthy features of each include: Punchdown Tool (The only extended punch down blade on the market); Modular Crimper (In-line design allows users to consistently and accurately crimp modular jacks); Electrician Snips (High-leverage all-metal handle and bolt lock so blades won’t loosen); Ethernet Stripper (One-handed operation and adjustable blade height to strip outer jacket of CAT 3-6 Cable); 4-in-1 Multi Pick Tool (Phillips #0 screwdriver, 1/8″ slotted screwdriver, wire pick, spudger).

Milwaukee Utility Pouch – Launch October 2017

Milwaukee Tool’s new Utility Pouch is specifically designed to provide storage solutions for electricians, MRO, remodelers, and plumbers. The product features 1680D Ballistic Material construction, which provides 5x longer life, and riveted seams resulting in a 4x stronger pouch. Milwaukee implemented a quick attach belt loop to allow users easy access to remove their pouch. Lastly, the pouch has a tape strap designed for convenient accessibility to electrical or pipe thread tape.

Milwaukee Compact Utility Pouch – Launch October 2017

Milwaukee Tool’s new Compact Utility Pouch is specifically designed to provide storage solutions for Datacom Technicians, Cable installers, IT, and MRO. The product features 1680D Ballistic Material construction, which provides 5x longer life and riveted seams resulting in a 4x stronger pouch. Milwaukee implemented a quick attach belt loop to allow users easy access to remove their pouch. Lastly, the pouch has a tape chain designed for convenient accessibility to electrical or pipe thread tape.

Milwaukee 4PC Pry Bar Set 48-22-9214 – Launch September 2017

A new-to-market I-Beam design of the new Milwaukee® Pry Bars allows for increased bending strength in the blade. An all-metal core defends against flexing or looseness of the shank and ensures the strike cap doesn’t pop off. This cap is made of durable chrome vanadium to protect against breaking when struck by a hammer. The shaft of the Milwaukee® Pry Bars are chrome-plated for resistance to corrosion and abrasion. In addition, the santoprene handles feature an ergonomic, trilobe design for a secure grip.

Milwaukee Combination Wrenches   – Launch September 2017

Milwaukee combination wrenches offer a high torque capability with a MAX BITE open-ended grip to increase the grip on nuts and bolts. An I-Beam handle design allows users to comfortably apply torque. Additionally, Milwaukee wrenches will have ink-filled labels for easy size ID and quick distinction between metric and SAE. Milwaukee Tool will offer 15pc wrench sets in storage trays that fit into steel storage chests, and 7pc wrench sets in portable, locking storage cases.

  • Milwaukee 8PC Screwdriver Set – Launch July 2017

  • Milwaukee 11in1 Multi-Bit Driver – Launch July 2017

  • Milwaukee Demolition Screwdriver Set – Launch July 2017

Models: 48-22-2706 48-22-2718 48-22-2708 48-22-2710 48-22-2760 48-22-2761 48-22-2702

Milwaukee Tool continues to rapidly develop its Hand Tool offering with the next generation of screwdrivers, including an 11in1 Multi-Bit Driver with ECX and Demolition Screwdriver Set. The updated line has an ergonomic, trilobe handle design that’s optimized for high-torque applications and hardened magnetic tips to deliver maximum durability and fastener retention.

Milwaukee Cushion Grip Screwdriver Kit – Launch October 2017

The Milwaukee Cushion Gripped screwdrivers feature an anti-peel cushion grip design which doesn’t peel or slip off. Drivers include custom machine tips to prevent cam-out, knurled shanks for precision control, wrench-ready bolsters for increased torque and tactile feedback on the handle for each identification.

Milwaukee Demo Driver – Launch October 2017

As opposed to typical demolition screwdrivers with one strike cap on the back, the new Demo Driver can be struck on two sides and on the back. These robust strike plates make this tool one of the most versatile demolition hand tools on the market. Complete with an all-metal core and an aggressive piercing tip, there is nothing else like this on the market today.

Milwaukee Lanyards – Launch October 2017

Milwaukee Tool’s lanyards are designed to keep users safe without hindering productivity. These lanyards will be weight-rated between 10-50lbs, and can tether a wide variety of tools and equipment. Milwaukee will offer superior safety features including locking carabiners for secure attachment, as well as best-in-class shock absorption to minimize the force felt by users if a tool is dropped. All lanyards will also feature integrated swivels for easier use and color coding for easy differentiation. To improve productivity, a quick change lanyard system will launch with all metal hardware, for fast tool swaps.

Milwaukee Dipped and Cut Resistant Gloves – Launch September 2017

Milwaukee’s new dipped and cut resistant gloves are designed to provide users with all day comfort and ultimate durability. All of the new gloves feature Smartswipe™ technology to allow users access to their phone or tablet without removing their gloves.  The Cut level 3 gloves feature a comfort web grip that provides increased comfort and grip, while the Cut level 5 gloves feature a dual layer grip for increased protection and durability.

Milwaukee WORKSKIN™ Mid-Weight Base Layer 401G  – Launch August 2017

The Milwaukee® WorkSkin™ Mid-Weight Base Layer is constructed to handle the demands of hard work in cold conditions. Unlike cotton options, the new Base Layer features Fast Wicking Sweat Zones underneath the arms and across the upper back move moisture away quickly from high-sweat areas to avoid dampness, cold, and freezing. Unlike base layers designed for athletic use, its durable fabric resists pilling and fighting odor to extend product life. When worn next-to-skin and under outer layers, WorkSkin™ manages moisture and body temperature to help tradesmen work dry, stay warm, and stay comfortable in the cold – all while standing up to the demands of the jobsite.

  • Milwaukee No Days Off™ Hooded Sweatshirt 311B – Launch August 2017

  • Milwaukee GRIDIRON™ Hooded Jacket 254B – Launch August 2017

  • Milwaukee GRIDIRON™ Traditional Jacket 253B – Launch August 2017

  • Milwaukee GRIDIRON™ Zip-to-Thigh Bib Overalls 261B – Launch August 2017

In Fall 2017 Milwaukee Tool will launch a full line of Work Gear designed to outperform and outlast traditional workwear in demanding jobsite environments and extreme weather. Utilizing GRIDIRON™ Ripstop Polyester to deliver superior durability without the bulk of cotton duck, the GRIDIRON™ Hooded Jacket, GRIDIRON™ Traditional Jacket, and GRIDIRON™ Zip-to-Thigh Bib Overalls redefine expectations of jobsite tough, insulated work wear. The NO DAYS OFF™ Hooded Sweatshirt combines weather resistance with comfort to improve upon the most common layering piece used by tradesmen.

But wait there’s More – More Tools announced

This list is not it folks, these are only the cordless power tools that were announced at the new product symposium. This doesn’t even include their upcoming lighting, storage, hand tools, and accessories products. I will write about those soon so stay tuned.

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