New Ridgid 18V Batteries, Chargers, and Lights

Ridgid just announced a bunch of new brushless power tools to their 18V line up! There’s a lot however in this article we will discuss their new 18V Max Output batteries, new chargers and lights. All tools in this article are said to launch Fall 2021 except for the 2ah and 4ah Max Output batteries which are expected for April 2021. Buy now are links provided for each tool. If the link doesn’t work, it’s because they haven’t been listed yet for sale.

A big thanks to Joshua B. for spotting the 6ah, 8ah batteries and chargers and lights!

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We’ll start off with the new Max Output batteries as seen above. There are 4 of them with a 5 cell compact 2ah, and the rest being 10 celled 4ah, 6ah, and 8ah respectively. According to Ridgid, these new Max Output batteries are said to offer “maximum power in any application”. Everytime a manufacturer introduces new sets of batteries we hear claims like these but keep in mind these are all simply marketing statements so take them with a large serving of salt. The new Ridgid 18V brushless power tools discussed here are said to offer their maximum performance when paired with these batteries so it appears some of their tools will perform better if at all with these batteries. Marketing statements aside, we can see that with the exception of the 8ah battery, they appear to be noticeably more compact than similar capacity Ridgid 18V batteries. The 2ah battery is every bit as compact as the new 2ah battery that released with the still new Ridgid 18V sub compact power tools that are incredibly tiny. The 4ah and 6ah have the same overall width and depth dimensions as the 2ah but are almost twice as tall since they house an extra row of cells. They are noticeably more compact than regular 4ah and 6ah Ridgid 18V batteries, especially the length. The 8ah is the largest of the bunch but still appears roughly as tall as the 4ah and 6ah but is longer which means that they are probably spacing the cells a bit more in this one probably for better heat management. All batteries have 4 bar fuel gauges to check remaining battery charge. Prices are $99 for 2ah AC840020 , $119 for the 4ah AC840040 , $139 for 6ah AC840060 , and $169 for the 8ah AC840080 .

• Advanced electronics and innovative cooling technology for extended battery life
• Compact size (except for 8ah) reduces user fatigue
• Fuel gauge displays power level on the job
• 100% Compatible: Works with all RIDGID 18V Batteries, Tools, and Chargers
• Lifetime Service Agreement with registration within 90 days of purchase

Ridgid 18V 6.0 Ah Max Output Battery R840060

We’ve got an official announcement from Ridgid saying this new 6.0 ah MAX Output battery is coming out October 2021. This battery is nothing new since we knew about it earlier this year but it’s nice to see Ridgid officially announcing it. I also noticed that the press release doesn’t say “maximum power in any application” but it does say that their MAX Output batteries are their most powerful and longest running batteries. The pricing is still set at $139 for one 6.0 ah battery.

  • MAX Output: More Power. More Runtime.
  • Up to 5X more runtime compared to the 1.5 Ah lithium-ion battery (R870015)
  • Advanced electronics and RIDGID™’s internal design extend battery life
  • Durable pack design withstands the toughest jobsites
  • LED fuel gauge displays power level on the job
  • 100% Compatible: works with all RIDGID™ 18V Tools, and Chargers
  • Lifetime Service Agreement with registration within 90 days of purchase
  • Includes: (1) R840060 18V 6.0 Ah MAX Output Lithium-Ion Battery and operator’s manual
  • Charger sold separately

Ridgid 18V Dual Port Parallel Charger R86095

Here is a new 18V dual port parallel charger which means you can charge two 18V batteries at the same time. We can see the there are multiple lights to show charging and battery status as well as a pass through on the plug so you can piggyback another a/c appliance while this is plugged in. It’s also wall mountable and Ridgid says it’s now eligible for LSA (lifetime service warranty). It will be priced at $99.

Ridgid 18V 6 Port Sequential Charger R86096

The other charger is an 18V 6 port sequential charger which means it can charge up to 6 batteries however one at a time. Though it doesn’t speed up charging multiple batteries, it helps productivity by not needing to swap out batteries when one is done as they can all sit on the charger and wait for their turn while you worry about getting work done. Like the dual port charger, this one is also wall mountable and eligible for LSA (lifetime service warranty).  It will be priced at $129.

Ridgid 18V Worklight R8694B

This looks like an update to the R8694B 18V torch light and offers similar brightness and functionality with the same 340 lumens and a rotating head. Unlike the previous model that required users to twist the head to rotate, this one has a pivot point for easier rotation of 135 degrees. The one new feature is that it has an integrated hanging hook and is priced $10 more now at $39.97

Ridgid 18V Stick Light R8696B

The 18V stick light offers an LED panel with several LED chips to provide 800 lumens and the light head can pivot 180 degrees to face down and up positions and in between and the head can rotate 270 degrees for side to side movement. It also has the integrated hook as the above light and will be priced $49.97.

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I want to complain some more. While I’m excited for both chargers, I feel like, if they could have the tech to charge two batteries in the double charger, how hard would it have been to have two batteries charge in the 6 port model? Really, would that have been so difficult?


probably did so to not increase the price


It’s about time! My circular saw is WOEFULLY underpowered with the 4AH battery and I’m about to have to buy into Milwaukee or Dewalt just to get a functioning circular saw. Let’s hope these batteries stay on the market longer than their previous 6AH and 9AH batteries 🙂


Bought a 6ah MO battery yesterday and im confused as to why its the EXACT ssme size as the 4ah MO. What is the difference here?

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