RYOBI 18V Hybrid 50 FT Drain Auger Kit P4003K

Ryobi has announced a new 50 foot 18V hybrid drain auger P4003K kit.

Ryobi already has two 18V drain augers but what makes this new P4003K model standout is that it has a longer 50 foot cable and it’s a hybrid tool meaning it can run on any Ryobi 18V One+ battery and also AC power from it’s included power supply.

The new RYOBI 18V Hybrid 50 FT Drain Auger P4003K being larger than previous Ryobi battery powered augers is housed inside a tubular roll cage for easy handling and for durability and also to all the unit to pivot for the best angle. It’s 50 foot cable is reinforced and the auger offers replaceable tips and drums. The drum itself has 3 large slots on the front side for the easy disposal of liquids that might build up inside the drum. It’s intended to clear drains up to 3 inch wide and has variable speed dial.

It’s going to be available in April 2019 and will be sold as a kit for $349 and includes a 2.0ah battery pack, P118B charger, P750PS hybrid power supply, power supply storage rack, bulb tip, foot bulb and operators manuals. It’s price is up there for the average Ryobi user and I would have preferred they give it the ability to use standard extension cords rather than a specific power supply power cord that would be hard to replace if lost or damaged. But otherwise looks like it’s a nice hybrid drain auger.

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