Ryobi 18V Multitool P343 / R18MT3-0 Gen 3

A new version of the Ryobi 18V multitool was spotted, the Ryobi 18V Multitool Gen 3 model known as the P343 in the USA and the R18MT3-0 everywhere else.

The first generation model was just a attachment Jobplus head to the power base while the second model was a standalone 18V unit with a pivoting head. This third model is still a standalone unit like the Gen 2 model however it ditches the pivoting head feature.

As far as oscillating multitools go, this is a very basic model as it requires a hex key and bolt to change blades and doesn’t have an LED light but luckily it has storage for the required hex key. It uses a trigger to operate and has a variable speed knob underneath. I’m not a big fan of multitools with triggers as I’ve used Ridgid’s Jobmax model before and hated the experience since it tires your arm with extended use but some people seem to be ok with it and actually like the triggered approach to a multitool. It’s just not for me, I’ll continue to stick to and prefer using a traditional slide power switch and variable speed dial for my multitools.

The Ryobi 18V Multitool P343 / R18MT3-0 Gen 3 comes as a baretool but at least it comes with 3 accessories – a regular blade, simi-circle blade and sanding pad with several sheets of sand paper.

A big thanks to DrewBHAM for spotting!

  • 10,000-20,000 OPM
  • 3 degrees oscillating angle
  • on/off trigger
  • variable speed dial underneath
  • ancient hex key and bolt blade change system
  • no LED light
  • stand alone multitool (not part of Jobplus/Jobmax system)

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Wow. Way to ruin a tool. The Job plus head versatility is unmatched. It allows you to turn the power base into 9 different tools. Not to mention how many things you can do with the oscillating head. Plus the head and can be put into four different positions. Making a fixed head with no light and tool required blade change. Two big thumbs down.


I welcome the two new tools because the current jobplus version was only rated 10th out of 12 cordless types on protoolreviews. I agree about triggers being undesirable but the two new versions at least have speed setting dials not variable speed triggers. However they aren’t available in US.


I use the ryobi 18v line as my cordless tool line.
I Use the multitool a lot….but not *this* one.
The old one with the removable head.
I use it enough to figure out i didn’t like the head that came with the tool.
So i acquired a few of the ridgid multi tool head…with the easy to remove
blade system….and use those instead. I didn’t buy the
heads new. Bought them from people who were selling the ridgid tools
for parts…and included the heads as part of the sale.
Threw out the base tool and kept the heads.

Jon Fowler

Looks like Home Depot offers the P343 as part of a $200 kit. They are sold on ebay as tool only. The P343 has variable speed and a trigger lock.