RYOBI 40V 1500 Watt Battery Powered Inverter Generator RYi1802B5

Last week I wrote about a bunch of new 40V OPE tools from Ryobi were coming out, here’s another one with the RYOBI 40V 1500 Watt Battery Powered Inverter Generator RYi1802B5.

Whats interesting about the new RYOBI 40V 1500 Watt Battery Powered Inverter Generator RYi1802B5 is that it’s Ryobi’s answer to Dewalt’s portable power station as it takes Ryobi 40V batteries to power 120V AC items up to 1500 watts (1300 running watts) making it great for use with power tools and household appliances. It features three 15 amp 120V AC ports and a couple of USB ports. It also features a large LCD display although I’m not sure if it’s backlit, hopefully it is and has a remaining battery indicator. I also see a Bluetooth icon in the above LCD display making me wonder if it will have Bluetooth connectivity via an app possibly to control and monitor it wirelessly. It will be available soon and it’s going to retail for $699 as a kit with two 5.0ah batteries.

A huge thanks to DrewBHAM and Mark for spotting and sharing!

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Drew Morgan

Not a generator. It contains no engine and doesn’t make power.

Also, at 1300w output with a single 40v 5ah pack, you’re only going to get that 1300w for about 6 minutes.


Ryobi named it a generator, not me.
Don’t shoot the messenger.

Drew Morgan

I can imagine the marketing meeting at Ryobi when this decision was made. I can also imagine all the engineers who worked on this and knew that it was a terrible idea.

I didn’t actually notice this until you blamed Ryobi. Is this Ryobi’s marketing copy?
“However Ryobi’s 40V unit is more akin to an actual generator.”

$700 is a lot of money for 6 minutes. Imagine how angry people would be if Ryobi’s 2200w generator only ran for 6 minutes per fill up. Granted, if you put both packs on it, you’d get 12!


Naming aside, this type of product is gaining some traction of late. Makes even more sense (if a customer had a use for such a device) if the battery packs were already available due to purchase for other tools.



Just because it sells doesn’t mean it is a good idea or even a product that works.


Does it output true sinewave? The Dewalt doesn’t. The Rockpals does.

I don’t know but is true sinewave required for some tools that have variable speed dials like a multi-tool?

[…] however you can’t help but feel this seems to be their answer to the newly released Ryobi 40V 1500 watt inverter generator that was announced just days […]


Is this 100% hitting the US market?


I like the idea of this product since I already have several 18V batteries. I don’t have any of the 40v batteries so this would not be a good fit for me. After seeing the EGO version at home depot and noticing that the batteries are only like 5 or 6 amp hours I decided that you would not get very heavy use for long periods of time from these. So I purchased a goal zero yeti and that has a 100ah battery and i can recharge from solar. Again I still like the development.


I am not sure if Ryobi shelved this idea of a 40V unit for now or not, but I know behind the scenes at HD they are mentioning a Ryobi Power Station in training videos, it has an internal battery that charges in 5 hours. I couldn’t see a model number and cannot find it on any web searches but the video shows 1094 wH, with 3000 starting watts and 1800 running watts.


not on their website anymore


Looks like they just updated the site to reflect the new powerstation. It’s now an 1800W inverter but still uses the 40V batteries.


Last edited 1 year ago by Tom
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