Ryobi P3105 18V 40 Watt Soldering Iron

Ryobi has another cordless soldering iron with the Ryobi P3105 18V 40 Watt Soldering Iron.

Their first model was the P3100 soldering iron station, however, the Ryobi P3105 18V 40 Watt Soldering Iron is a more barebones budget friendly version for only $39.97 as a baretool. It strips down all the extra bells and whistles for a single setting soldering iron tethered to the battery holder, which also acts as a stand for the soldering iron when not in use. Gone are the variable temp settings and it only accepts 18V battery power, no hybrid AC port like on the station model. It does come with one fine point tip and a solder coil to get you started. It should be available soon.

A big thanks to DrewBHAM for spotting and sharing!

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This has just shown up on Ryobi Australia’s site, under the designation R18SOI-0. No price yet on Bunning’s site, (the retail outlet).

If its $39 USD, I guess it will be around $79AUD.


The Australia listing have some more detail than the US listing. It says that it will work for 200 minutes with a 5 amp hour battery, so that would be about 160 minutes with a 4 amp hour. Also the Australian version comes with a Point and Chisel Tip with the solder coil.



Looks like it’s possible that it uses Hakko 900M tips, which would be a good thing for quality and availability, or low price if you want the Chinese clone versions of them.


I just checked Ryobi’s site again and their parts diagram does not have individual pieces, and they do not sell any parts for this except the sticker that are on it (lol) so this looks like a non-servicable tool. I know some will think what could go wrong? If you use an iron a lot you may end up needing a new cord and heating element. An 18V 40W heating element is a rare bird, I wonder if they’re using at element rated 60W at 24V (the most common voltage a station uses). Too lazy to do the math at… Read more »

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