Ryobi P3240 18V Portable Wet Dry Vac Spotted

Patrick H wrote in about a new vacuum being spotted over at the USA Ryobi website. The new vacuum is a cordless 18V wet dry vac with the model number P3240.

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It isn’t a normal product listing page but is a product manual for the P3240, that’s why no real pictures are shown, only drawings. I skimmed the manual looking for specs but I couldn’t find any that had to do with how much it’s rated to hold or how powerful it is in terms of CFM suction. My only guess is that because it’s small and resembles the size of current portable 2 gallon vacs from other manufacturers like Makita, Dewalt, and Milwaukee, I would assume it’s rated for around 2 gallons more or less. I’ll update with a new post with all the specs when they come in.

What we do know based on the PDF manual is that it comes with the usual standard accessories like a flexible and extendable hose, a crevice nozzle, and a utility nozzle. This is standard fare for similar portable 2 gallon vacs on the market and like the other models, this Ryobi has built in storage for all of it’s accessories.

It uses a cylinder style pleated filter and besides suction, it also has the ability to blow using the exhaust port. Notice how I didn’t say it has a blower port. Yes that’s right, it can be used as a blower but doesn’t have a dedicated blower port. It has the wonkiest method to use the vac as a blower as you have to attach the utility nozzle on the hose and attach the utility nozzle with hose and all to the exhaust port. It seems they didn’t plan on adding the blower feature to the vac initially but then later changed their mind when they completed the design and then made it work somehow to add the feature.

The only problem I find with the weird method to use as a blower is that if you lose the utility nozzle, you’re screwed and won’t be able to use this vac as a blower.

Don’t know when this will officially be announced and show up on the Home Depot website but it should be soon. By then we’ll know all the specs and features along with the retail price.

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