Ryobi Power Tracer ESV1000 – All In One Circuit Tester And Tracer

Ryobi has a new all in one circuit tester and tracer called the Ryobi Power Tracer model ESV1000.

With this tool you’ll be able to test if outlets have been wired correctly, test AFCI and GFCI outlets and works as a circuit breaker tracer.

Being one unit, it obviously doesn’t work as a transmitter and/or receiver to pinpoint circuits at the breaker box but it allows you to trip the circuit its on so you know which circuit breaker you’re working on at the breaker box.

I wish I had one of these a couple of weeks ago when I installed a TV wall mount and added a new outlet for all in wall wiring. I had to constantly go through several trips back and forth turning off breakers one by one and check with a circuit tester if the circuit I was working on was turned off. That or you can have someone help you while both are on the phone as someone confirms if the circuit is off, but a tool like this Ryobi Power Tracer would much easier than my previous methods.

The Ryobi Power Tracer available now and is set to retail for $34.97 however my local HD store is showing $29.97 at the time of writing.

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