Sun Joe Cordless 40V Pressure Washer

Snow Joe introduces their newest pressure washer but this time it’s a cordless model running on 40V batteries.

First things first, it’s not a full powered pressure washer since it runs on batteries but the 40V batteries give the unit enough juice to make 1160 Max PSI making this a light duty pressure washer. It’s also has preset PSI settings for lower PSI if needed (507 PSI / 650 PSI / 800 PSI).

Where this model shines is that it’s completely portable since it’s small and light and even though it’s an electric pressure washer, it doesn’t need to be plugged in. It even doesn’t need to be hooked up to a hose as it has a 5.3 gallon bucket pail integrated into the unit (its removable of course). You can still hook it up to a hose if needed.

The hose is a good length at 20 feet which will allow you to maneuver around a large object like a car for example without needing to relocate the pressure washer. The pressure washer is easy to move about if needed with 4 castors underneath although they appear to be so small the unit is prone to tipping over on uneven surfaces as seen in the below video demonstration when the user wheels the unit and spills some of the H2O.

4ah and 5ah batteries are available and you’ll be able to run up to 45 continues minutes according to their promo video which is good if true for a cordless unit. They don’t specify if that’s with the 4 ah or 5 ah battery but usually claims are done with their best battery so I’d assume that’s with the 5 ah battery.

Pricing is $299 and comes as a complete kit with pressure washer including 4ah battery, hose, nozzle, 5.3 bucket pail, and charger. You can also get it as a kit with 5ah battery for a little bit more of around $329. Baretool pricing is around $178 per pricing on Amazon.

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It appears to be a good little unit based on the promo video. Obviously not the kind of performance you’d expect with a more substantial corded unit but it looks stronger than the Worx Hydroshot 20V cordless pressure washer which makes sense since the Hydroshot has a lower voltage and only puts out 320PSI. Hitachi also makes their own cordless 18V battery powered pressure washer but that too puts out less due to lower voltage power and only puts out 290 PSI.

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