Worx Sidekick Portable Work Table

The Worx Sidekick portable work table is another work table option from Worx. What’s interesting about their design is that the table top is separate from the legs, and also folds in half for easy storage and portability.

The legs are metal and can be stored inside the work table making for a very easy briefcase style portable design.

The Worx Sidekick table resembles a lot of Centipede’s sawhorse design, with collapsible legs offer a portable and light table top ready design, yet you must provide the top yourself in the form of plywood or other sheet goods. The Worx Sidekick has similar legs system but yet they include the table top.

The table top also has additional features found on their Pegasus Sawhorse such as many peg holes for the use of the included clamp dogs along with two recessed areas for holding small items while working. However it does not include ratcheting clamps or tracks for them like the Pegasus model offers.

Priced at $59 it’s half the price of the Pegasus work table sawhorse model which might be a more appealing option for those that don’t need the additional features of the Pegasus model.

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