Bosch 18V Wireless Charging System – Battery / Charger / Holster Video Review

You can now charge your power tool batteries without removing the battery from the tool with the Bosch Wireless charging system.

The heart of the system is the wireless charger and wireless battery. They have two wireless charging batteries to choose from, a slim pack 2ah and a fat pack 4ah battery. The wireless batteries are taller and wider and heavier than standard batteries due to the added electronics.

They also made a very cool holster that adapts to your drill although only specific drills and impact drivers are compatible (only works with 181 and 181 series drills, the IDH182 impact driver, and 25618 impact driver). If you have a different model, your’e out of luck if you want to use the holster, although you can still use the wireless charger and batteries on any drill or impact driver or tool that stands up on it’s own for that matter.

As most of my reviews are, this one is a video review. Who wants to sit around and read anyways?!!

Click on the link above and get your review fix and here what I have to say about it.

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