Cordless Ryobi 36V / 40V Brushless Pressure Washer Spotted

ryobi-36v-pressure-washerOver in Australia a new cordless Ryobi 36V brushless pressure washer was spotted. Pressure washers are normally run on either AC pluggin electric power or gasoline so it’s very interesting to see a cordless model is coming out.

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Key features of this kit include:

  • 36V brushless motor
  • Maximum pressure of 1800PSI
  • 7.6m hose length
  • On-board water bladder for hoseless use if needed
  • Metal roll bars for added toughness.
  • Includes: 1x 5.0Ah Battery, Charger, 20L bladder

Strangely enough it sort of looks like Bosch’s PB360 Power Box cordless radio and that’s probably due to the similar roll cage design. I do want to mention though that this is a true 36V tool and uses a single 36V battery. At first I was thinking it probably took two 18V Ryobi batteries together to double volts to 36V but nope, it takes a single 36V battery. What’s neat is that it comes with a large capacity 5.0 battery.

I want to repeat again that it was spotted over in Australia so no word on when or if it will ever show up in North America. If it does show up here in the States, it might be classified as a 40V power tool as Ryobi’s current higher voltage line is a 40V line, which is actually a 36 volt line, they just market it as 40V.

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