Dewalt 20V Brushless 4-1/2″ Angle Grinder DCG413 is a Sure thing in The USA

Last week we learned that Dewalt came out with a new Brushless 20V grinder but unfortunately it was a overseas UK model 18V Dewalt brushless angle grinder DCG405N. Luckily for us in the USA, we now have the USA model equivalent the Dewalt 20V Brushless 4-1/2″ Angle Grinder DCG413.

The new model is currently listed on the Lowes website and is priced at $159. It’s currently unavailable for both shipping or in store purchase but the fact that it’s there means it’ll be out soon.

The USA Dewalt 20V Brushless 4-1/2″ Angle Grinder DCG413 variant looks almost 100% identical. Cosmetically and spec wise it’s the same unit except the USA variant uses a paddle switch to operate, but otherwise it’s the same power tool.

Great news for those on the Dewalt 20V system that have been wanting a brushless grinder just like the other 18V brands but don’t want to jump board to the Flexvolt 60V brushless grinder just yet.

The Lowes website info on the new Dewalt DCG413B angle grinder is extremely lacking but I would assume since it being based on the grinder spotted in the UK it should be similar in features. The UK model DCG405N is a braking grinder which means it will stop the blade on a halt when turned off instead of letting the disc coast to a stop eventually. Also has an E-clutch that stops the motor if the disc binds to prevent harm to the user, and also includes a keyless protective guard. I would expect these features on the USA variant but considering that a blade brake is a premium feature, it might not have it since it’s not listed on the Lowes website. I will wait on the official info from Dewalt to confirm.

The benefits of a brushless cordless grinder vs a brushed grinder are that the brushless grinders have the power to grind and usually have power similar to lower powered corded grinders which is impressive to say the least for a cordless grinder. Previous cordless brushed grinders were better as cut off tools and served for very light grinding.

  • No Load Speed: 9000 rpm Max.
  • Disc Diameter: 4.5 inch
  • length 12.2″
  • Weight: 3.75 lbs
  • 2 position side handle
  • Keyless protective guard
  • Blade wrench

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