Dewalt Brushless 20V Max 16 Gauge Nailer DCN660

Dewalt DCN660Dewalt’s been no stranger to cordless nailers as they currently have a few to choose from, two from their newest 20V Max line the XR brushless DCN690 (single speed) and DCN692 (2 speed) framing nailers and a few finish nailers for their aging 18V XRP platform ranging from 18, 16, and 15 gauge options. Many users of the new 20V Max platform, including myself, have been waiting patiently, others impatiently for Dewalt to release new finish nailers for the latest 20V max platform. Good news is that I just got word that Dewalt is soon scheduling to release their latest cordless nail gun to their 20V Max platform.

Their latest nailer to hit the 20V max line is the 16 gauge finish nailer DCN660 and like many of Dewalts latest cordless power tools is getting the brushless treatment. Usually brushless power tools will get you increased runtime due to their more efficient motors and on many occasions will even give the power tool increased performance compared to similar brushed power tools. As is the case with this new nailer, we can expect increased runtime as Dewalt claims users will be able to get up to 800 nails shot per charge using a 2.0 ah XR compact battery pack and up to a whopping 2,200 nails per charge using their largest 5.0 ah battery.

This new nailer will feature the usual dual mode single fire and bump fire settings and the nailer weighs in at 6 lbs with a 2.0 battery which is 2.3 lbs lighter and 1 inch shorter in height than their previous DC618 model. Additional features include an LED light to illuminate just in front of the nailer and also acts as a low battery indicator and flashes with a nail jam. Also included are a tool-free jam release, tool-free depth adjustment, and tool-free stall release, which resets the driver blade without the need for tools.

I’m very excited for this as I had great experience with their 18V nailer. So far only this 16 gauge is announced and I have my fingers crossed hoping we’ll hear more news in the near future of additional finish nailers. It would be great to see a complete line of Dewalt 20V max nailers including 18 gauge brad and narrow crown staple nailers, and a 15 gauge nailer.

We can expect this Dewalt 20V max 16 gauge nailer to arrive soon right around the corner in October 2015. The nailer will come as both a bare tool DCN660B for $349 and as a kit with one 2.0 ah battery, charger, and case for $399 DCN660D1.

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