Electricians can now punch even EASIER with the Milwaukee Rapid Reset Draw Stud

As you know, in 2014 Milwaukee changed the game for electricians by making every step in the hole-making process both faster and easier with the M18 FORCE LOGIC Knockout System. What is truly remarkable about this system is the ability to set up the punches and dies on the material. Through the use of Milwaukee’s EXACT punches and dies, users can easily align the crosshairs on the work surface and easily set-up without the weight of the tool. Once set up, users just snap the tool onto the punch and die assembly, and pull the trigger to punch the hole. Now, Milwaukee Tool is making the easiest way to punch even EASIER with the introduction of the Rapid Reset Draw Stud!

The Rapid Reset Draw Stud creates the fastest and easiest resets in between new punches (see photo below). Users simply need to release the die from the draw stud, slide it off, align the new die, lock the draw stud – and they’re ready for the next punch!

The Rapid Reset Draw Stud is available now for $69.99

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