Enhancements To 3 Ridgid SeeSnake Small Reels

This week Ridgid announced that enhancements were made to three SeeSnake small reels. The reels receiving enhancements are the SeeSnake microDRAIN APX, SeeSnake NANOreel, and SeeSnake microREEL CA. Let’s check them out below.

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Ridgid SeeSnake microDRAIN APX

The SeeSnake microDRAIN APX now features TruSense technology.  This microDRAIN APX is said to have enhanced camera functionality. It has the ability to navigate through tight turns, P-traps, and toilets in 1.25 to 4 inch lines up to 65 feet.

TruSense provides advanced sensors in the camera head to give valuable info regarding the in pipe environment. This includes HDR high dynamic range to help provide bright clear imaging under difficult lighting conditions. TruSense provides a two-way datalink between the camera head and TruSense enabled monitor.

Tthe TiltSense Inclinometer displays the camera angle and degree of tilt on the monitor. When paired with a CSx series monitor, the image auto flips every 180 degrees.

Ridgid SeeSnake NANOreel

This model now features a built-in kickstand that in addition to being used upright, also can be used at a 45 degree angle. Or it can be planted on all four feet to provide extra clearance. It features a NANOreel push cable that has high flexibility in small pipes up to 82 feet. Its small diameter head also allows it to clear sharp bends in 1 to 2-1/2″ inch pipe where Ridgid says conventional systems may not always be able to inspect.

Ridgid SeeSnake microREEL CA

The SeeSnake microREEL is their entry level model. But it now comes with a built in kickstand as well as an improved CA-350 adapter and docking handle. This allows enhanced use with the microCA-350 inspection camera. This model also features a mid-flex push cable that’s good for squeezing through 1.5 to 5 inch diameter pipes up to 100 feet and with a tight turn radius.

Enhancements To Which Models?

I asked Ridgid if these enhancements are to existing models or new models. This is what they said below:

The enhancements were made to existing models and for those with older models, the kickstand accessory can be purchased separately (CAT #69758) and added to any of the older small reels.

Ridgid SeeSnake Reel Kickstand Kit (MicroReel, MicroDrain, NanoReel) 69758

Above is the Ridgid SeeSnake Reel Kickstand offered as an optional accessory to upgrade existing units without this feature. It is priced at $256.69 at the time of writing.

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