Festool VAC SYS Vacuum Clamping System

Festool is offering an interesting way of clamping work pieces without the need of a vise or clamp. They do so with the use of suction, similar to how your GPS mounts to your windshield. Their method uses similar suction cups/clamps to grip onto work pieces and the benefits are that they hold the piece securely without the possibility of damaging force created using conventional clamping methods. A traditional clamp such as a vise can cause slight damage in the form of indentation marks from too much clamping pressure and this can be avoided with the use of suction. And Festool’s VAC SYS system can hold materials up to 65 lbs.

This system consists of the clamping stand with integrated suction cup, hoses, foot activated switch, and vacuum pump station. When I first heard of this system, I immediately assumed it would be compatible with their own set of vacuums (dust extractors) but as it seems, you need a specific vacuum pump to operate the suction cups so they can generate enough suction and clamping force. The vacuum pump includes a dial to show the user the current pressure. The clamping stand besides being able to hold onto and grip items, can also hold tight onto a flat surface such as a work bench and has an articulating arm to the suction cup can be positioned into a variety of desired positions.

So far a great idea and I’m sure plenty of Festool diehards will be itching to add this to their collection. This obviously wont be cheap as Festool products command premium prices. And as great as this system is, there are a few downsides such as the material you plan on clamping onto must be non-porous and by the looks of it seems to appear to work better for flat surfaces.

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Festool Vac Sys

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