Hercules 20V Brushless 1/4″ Die Grinder

Harbor Freight has come out with a new Hercules 20V brushless 1/4 inch die grinder. Let’s check it out below. A big thanks to Joshua B. for spotting!

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Hercules 20V Brushless 1/4″ Die Grinder – Features

Hercules 20V Brushless 1/4" Die Grinder in action

Die grinders are rotary tools used for sanding, grinding, honing, polishing, and machining material. Mostly for metalworking. The are popular as pneumatic powered however electric versions do exist as well as battery powered options. This model is Hercules cordless version as they already have an AC electric version prior to this one.

This cordless version is powered by any Hercules 20V battery.

Hercules 20V Brushless 1/4" Die Grinder front

In front you’ll find the machined 1/4″ collet to hold accessories. On top you’ll find a slide power switch. This model features a brushless motor for strong performance yet more efficient than a brushed motor.

Hercules 20V Brushless 1/4" Die Grinder

In the rear by the battery port, you’ll find air intakes. These provide cool air to the motor and electronics inside and blow air towards the front. This helps direct debris away from the user. The intake ports have removable mesh screens to make cleaning them easier.

Runtime is said to be about up to 30 minutes when paired with a 5ah battery.

Hercules 20V Brushless 1/4″ Die Grinder – Pricing & Availability

This die grinder is available now for $79.99 as a baretool. This makes Hercules offering far lower in price than its competition. The cheapest pro brand cordless die grinder I could find as a baretool was the Metabo HPT model for $169. However most other pro brand offerings are priced above $200 and not all of them offer a brushless motor. Thus making the Hercules an excellent value option that’s easy on the wallet.

  • Air venting exhaust blows debris away from the user
  • Compact slim barrel design with overmold grip for ultimate comfort and control
  • Precision machined 1/4 in. collet securely holds accessories
  • Delivers up to 30 minutes of runtime* with the 5 Ah HERCULES™ 20V battery
  • Tapered neck for reaching into tight spaces
  • Removable and cleanable air intake mesh screens

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