New Hikoki Multi Cruiser Modular Tool Box Storage System

A new modular tool box storage system has arrived. It is the Hikoki Multi Cruiser Modular Tool Box Storage System. A big thanks to Joshua B. for spotting!

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Hikoki Multi Cruiser Modular Tool Box Storage System

Hikoki Multi Cruiser tool boxes

Several brands have produced modular tool box systems. Brands such as Dewalt, Makita, Ridgid, Milwaukee, and Ryobi to name a few and now Hikoki is joining the ranks with their own system.

What’s great about modular storage systems is that each tool box can work independently and also lock with others within the system. They offer locking tabs which allow them to stack and lock on top of others. And they usually have a large rolling cart that can haul and wheel the others stacked on top of it. As you can see in the above image, Hikoki’s new system will come in two colors. They call them forest green and sand beige.

Hikoki Multi Cruiser – Sizes

As of right now, their system will start of with three size tool boxes which is pretty standard fare. With a small tool box, medium tool box, and a large rolling cart (carry box). On other systems, the small tool box is usually an organizer with multiple bins and compartments. Hikokis small tool box isn’t officially an organizer and offers a large open compartment with two included accessory cases. Each accessory case has three sealed compartments to act as an organizer for small parts such as screws, etc.

Hikoki Multi Cruiser interior space

Hikoki says they are roomy enough to carry power tools. The size of the tool box determines what size power tools it can carry, small, medium, or large. The medium tool box is shown above holding medium sized power tools such as saws and a router. The medium and large boxes also include an inner tray as shown. The inner tray is big enough to hold a few batteries and a charger.

The large (carry box) has a large interior compartment. It also features two large 9″ wheels along with a telescoping handle for easy transport. This is the box to get if you want to wheel the others around.

Hikoki Multi Cruiser – Features

These tool boxes are IP65 rated for water and dust resistance. They feature large front latches to seal the lid tightly. While the top side latches help to stack and lock to other Multi Cruiser tool boxes.

They also feature what appears to be metal reinforced corners. This is similar to Milwaukee’s Packout boxes however Hikoki implements them on the top and bottom corners only. (With the small box being the exception as it only has one small strip in the center of the corner). Instead of running through the height of the tool like on the Packout.

The weight capacity for each box is as follows: Small 30 Kg (66.1 lbs), medium 40 kg (88.18 lbs), large 120 kg (264.55 lbs).

Hikoki Multi Cruiser – Handles

Hikoki Multi Cruiser large handles

These tool boxes feature large carry handles for easy transport. The medium and large boxes feature two, one on each side. While the small tool box features one on the front.

Hikoki Multi Cruiser – Optional Accessories

There are optional accessories available for these. For example some of the accessories that come included such as the accessory case and inner tray can also be bought separately in case you need more.

Hikoki Multi Cruiser hooking plate

You can also buy an optional hooking plate that attaches to the sides of the boxes. It gives the tool box a bar in which you can hook other items onto as shown above for added functionality and storage options.

What About Metabo HPT?

These Hikoki tool boxes were spotted in Japan but what about Metabo HPT? Metabo HPT currently doesn’t have any modular tool boxes such as these and since Metabo HPT and Hikoki are both the spinoff names of Hitachi, there’s a possibility that these Multi Cruiser tool boxes may appear as Metabo HPT. We can only speculate at this point but it’s always a possibility.

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