Makita Drywall Nose Adaptor for Impact Drivers

Here’s a neat little adapter from Makita that fits over select Makita Impact Drivers to give them the functionality of a drywall screw gun.

Not too much info is given on it other than it fits on select Makita impact drivers (BTD141, BTD142HW and possible might work on others) but it’s a great concept to give impact drivers double duty as drywall screwguns.

It’s also priced right at around $22 making it an inexpensive adapter.

Personally I’d rather see this type of adapter used on a regular drill as drills drive screws faster than impact drivers and would this give the user a closer experience to a dedicated drywall screw gun.

  • Converts cordless impact driver to screwdriver
  • Easy depth adjustment
  • Use with magnetic insert bit holder and insert bits
  • Convenient design attaches quickly

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