New Milwaukee 10L Pipe Wrench with POWERLENGTH Handle with New-to-World Extended Length Handle & More

You may recall in 2016 when Milwaukee Tool invented the first ever adaptable pipe wrench – the Cheater. According to Milwaukee, this solution was pivital for plumbers and HVAC professionals because it dramatically disrupted the design of the traditional pipe wrench.

Now they’re challenging the status quo once again by fundamentally changing the handle design of the traditional 10″ pipe wrench! It’s called the 10L Pipe Wrench with POWERLENGTH Handle and according to them, it’s about to dramatically improve productivity on many jobsites.

Here’s a few quick highlights:

  • First 10″ pipe wrench with extended-length handle
  • Eliminates need to modify a smaller pipe wrench for additional leverage
  • OVERBITE JAW for largest grip surface
  • Slim jaw profile
  • Milwaukee is also launching a range of additional aluminum and steel wrenches!

More information is in the press release below.

MILWAUKEE, WI- Milwaukee Tool continues to deliver unprecedented new solutions for plumbing, mechanical, and HVAC professionals with the introduction of the 10L Pipe Wrench with POWERLENGTH™ Handle. The first 10” pipe wrench with an extended-length handle, this tool completely eliminates the need to modify a smaller pipe wrench for additional leverage when working at awkward angles or in tight spots. The 10L Pipe Wrench with POWERLENGTH™ Handle is joined by a full line-up of new steel and aluminum pipe wrenches.

“Since the 10” pipe wrench was brought to market decades ago it has experienced very little change in overall form and function. Users have often had to modify this tool with a piece of conduit or pipe to achieve the additional reach and leverage needed in low clearances,” said Brian Doyle, Senior Product Manager for Milwaukee Tool. “Our new 10L Pipe Wrench is uniquely different from any other 10” offering because we are the first to challenge the historical length of this tool. Through a new-to-world 17” POWERLENGTH™ Handle, this pipe wrench will give users maximum leverage, perfect for commercial pipe replacement and the best access in tight spots – something they’ve needed for close to 90 years.”

Due to its OVERBITE JAW™ with additional teeth, the 10L Pipe Wrench delivers the largest grip surface, keeping the material centered in the jaws even in challenging pipe and fitting configurations. The tool’s slim jaw profile, paired with its extended length, allows for access in the tightest spaces. It also features a dual coil spring design for longer tool life and a handle that offers a comfortable fit in the hand for extended use.

Joining the 10L Pipe Wrench, Milwaukee’s expanded pipe wrench offering will also include: 6” – 60’ Steel Pipe Wrenches; 10” – 48” Aluminum Pipe Wrenches; 14”, 18”, and 24” Aluminum Offset Pipe Wrenches; and 12” Smooth Jaw and Hex Offset Pipe Wrenches. These pipe wrenches also feature the OVERBITE JAW™, a dual coil spring design, and comfortable handles that deliver best-in-class performance and maximize user productivity. Through this expansion Milwaukee® now offers a full line of steel and aluminum pipe wrenches for all pipe and fitting applications.

These new pipe wrenches are a true testament to Milwaukee’s focus on the user and investment in solutions that offer industry-leading functionality, durability, and overall performance.

Milwaukee® Pipe Wrench Offering:

  • 48-22-7213 : 10L Pipe Wrench with POWERLENGTH™ Handle – NEW!
  • 48-22-7106 : 6” Steel Pipe Wrench – NEW!
  • 48-22-7108 : 8” Steel Pipe Wrench – NEW!
  • 48-22-7110 : 10” Steel Pipe Wrench
  • 48-22-7210 : 10” Aluminum Pipe Wrench
  • 48-22-7112 : 12” Steel Pipe Wrench
  • 48-22-7212 : 12” Aluminum Pipe Wrench
  • 48-22-7114 : 14” Steel Pipe Wrench
  • 48-22-7214 : 14” Aluminum Pipe Wrench
  • 48-22-7118 : 18” Steel Pipe Wrench
  • 48-22-7218 : 18” Aluminum Pipe Wrench
  • 48-22-7224 : 24” Aluminum Pipe Wrench
  • 48-22-7124 : 24” Steel Pipe Wrench – NEW!
  • 48-22-7136 : 36” Steel Pipe Wrench – NEW!
  • 48-22-7236 : 36” Aluminum Pipe Wrench – NEW!
  • 48-22-7148 : 48” Steel Pipe Wrench – NEW!
  • 48-22-7248 : 48” Aluminum Pipe Wrench – NEW!
  • 48-22-7160 : 60” Steel Pipe Wrench – NEW!
  • 48-22-7314 : Cheater Pipe Wrench
  • 48-22-7171 : Steel Offset Hex Pipe Wrench – NEW!
  • 48-22-7186 : 12” Smooth Jaw Pipe Wrench – NEW!
  • 48-22-7184 : 14” Aluminum Offset Pipe Wrench – NEW!
  • 48-22-7185 : 18” Aluminum Offset Pipe Wrench – NEW!
  • 48-22-7182 : 24” Aluminum Offset Pipe Wrench – NEW!

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We do A/C split system installs and would NEVER use one of these types of abominations. We use the correct size spanner/wrench every time, even on unit removals.

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