Milwaukee M18 Jobsite Fan 0886-20 Review

This has to be the coolest Milwaukee M18 product to date! Sorry for the pun, I couldn’t help myself. But yes it is true that Milwaukee added a new cordless tool the the M18 line that can keep you cool while you work.

They came out with a 3 speed fan that operates on any M18 18 volt Milwaukee battery and it can also be powered by the grid with the included AC adapter. It uses a proprietary cord and plug similar to the plug that goes into your laptop and the port on the back of the fan that the cord plugs into has a rubber flap to seal the port when not in use to protect the port from dust and moisture. And while it is nice that it includes an AC adapter out of the box, some might prefer the ability to use a regular extension cord as can be seen on other hybrid fans such as those from Ryobi and Ridgid. Personally I don’t mind the AC adapter but the additional adapter can get lost and would be a hassle to replace whereas the ability to use any old extension cord may prove to be more useful as they are easy to find on a jobsite.

The fan has a rotating head of course and has 9 positive stops that have a nice click as you position the fan and like other similar cordless fans, this M18 fan can also be mounted on a wall with 4 keyhole slots on the bottom of the fan and gives you the option to hang the fan facing up or down, or left to right. On top of the keyholes, it also has 2 holes on the rear of the fan base to be able to use a string or wire to hang the fan overhead on pipes or exposed beams.

It does a good job at circulating air in enclosed areas and it works best for cooling you down when positioned nearby. I tried out several a couple of cordless fans recently from other brands such as Arctic Cove and Ridgid, and I can easily say this fan pushes out the most air, that’s not to say the other fans don’t do a good job as all these fans do a great job when used as personal fans. It is louder than the others but on par with what you would expect with any fan and isn’t going to be a nuisance on noisy jobsites.

It’s a great fan as it pushes out a good amount of air and has a solid build as is to be expected from Milwaukee tools. It’s one of the most powerful I’ve tried, though not the quietest in it’s class and I do appreciate it’s available mounting options.



  • M18 Jobsite Fan 0886-20
  • Max Air Flow 284 CFM (18 MPH)
  • Speed High – 2,350 RPMS, Med – 1,900 RPMs, Low – 1,370 RPMs
  • Length 10.29″
  • Weight 5.2 lbs
  • Height 14.07″
  • Width 7.15″

P1050159 P1050158 P1050157

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