Milwaukee M18 RADIUS Site Light/Charger with ONE-KEY Puts out 9K Lumens and priced @ $599!

Milwaukee takes lighting on the jobsite very seriously and we can see that in their dedication to new and exciting lighting products year after year. This year is no different and have come out with several new lights with new M18 Radius Site light models. I say models plural because the new Radius Site light comes in two flavors, basically both offer the same whopping 9000 lumens of light output which Milwaukee claims is the “brightest site light in the industry” and shoots the light in a 360 degree radius hence the Radius name. It also offers 3 output modes with high medium and low settings. Those are the core features and is what you expect on the “basic” model yet there’s a more feature rich model called the M18 Radius Site Light/Charger with One Key which basically adds 3 additional features – the ability to charge batteries when plugged in via extension cord, has One Key functionality to operate the light remotely and adjust brightness, adjust lighting direction, track the light, and schedule it’s use. It also offers an IP54 rating for protection from dust and water.

The base model is priced at $499 while the more feature rich model with all the extras will set you back $599. At either price point you get a lot of light for your money. It may seem like too much for some since that’s more than what you’d pay for most cordless tool sets or even combo kits and the light doesn’t come with a separate battery or charger. However when I reviewed the M18 Rocket LED Tower Light with Charger and mentioned the high price, Milwaukee emailed me this comment regarding the high price point:

One thing to keep in mind is that during our jobsite research we found out that users were spending loads of money every few months buying new halogen lights. The durability was the main problem, but the light quality also wasn’t there. While our LED jobsite lights are a bigger expense up front, you are saving more money over time because you’re not replacing your light. This thing is meant to last!

M18™ RADIUS™ Site Light/Charger with ONE-KEY™ (2150-20) $599

  • 9000 Lumens on High (4 hours of run-time)
  • 4800 Lumens on Medium (7 hours of run-time)
  • 2500 Lumens on Low (14 hours of run-time)
  • Weight:            27.1 lbs*
  • IP54 rated
  • *Based off use with an M18™ 9.0 Battery Pack

M18™ RADIUS™ Site Light (2151-20)* $499

  • 9000 Lumens on High (4 hours of run-time)
  • 4800 Lumens on Medium (7 hours of run-time)
  • 2500 Lumens on Low (14 hours of run-time)
  • Weight:            27.1 lbs**
  • *Does not include charger, IP54 rating, and ONE-KEY™ capabilities*
  • *Based off use with an M18™ 9.0 Battery Pack

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They can make all the excuses they want but $600USD will end up being @$800+ in Australia. Can’t see them selling many here.


Its the same in Mexico… They are abusing the “monopoly” (anemic competition) in the cordless jobsite lights.

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