Milwaukee NPS19 New Tools List – UPDATED 6/11/19

Another year, another Milwaukee NPS19 New Product Symposium where the showcase all their newest tools to the world. Here is a small list of new tools that I’ve compiled from this years impressive event.

I wasn’t able to attend this years Milwaukee NPS19 New Product Symposium since I suffer from a mental disorder called social anxiety and the same goes for previous years however I was able to spot several new Milwaukee tools shown at this years event and have compiled a list. I don’t have all the pictures yet, but will provide them soon so stay tuned.


  • New Assortment of lights
  • M18 Fuel 12″ sliding miter saw
  • M12 Fuel Surge quiet hydraulic driver 2551-20 / 2551-22
    • up to 2X quieter with less vibration for smoother and faster driving speeds
    • 4 mode drive control with self tapping screw mode
    • 3200 RPM
    • 5.2″ in Length and 7.8″ in Height
    • 2 lbs weight
    • belt clip
  • M18 Fuel compact trim router
  • M12 Fuel die grinder
  • Packout bluetooth radio M18 charger
  • M18 Fuel sewer section machine – snake auger
  • M12 Fuel torque wrench with One Key
  • M18 Fuel concrete cutoff saw
  • M12 Fuel extended head ratchets
  • M18 Force Logic with 750 MCM crimping jaw
  • M18 Force Logic with Fine Stranded wire cutting jaw
  • M12 installation driver with interchangeable heads
  • M18 Fuel framing nailers 21 & 30 degree
    • Uses sealed compressed nitrogen to drive each nail
    • No gas cartridges needed
    • no ramp up time
    • fires up to 3 nails per second
    • power to sink nails in engineered lumber
    • 14.1″ length / 9.4 lbs weight
    • dry fire lockout/sequential/bump fire modes, reversible belt clip
    • tool free depth of drive adjustment and jam clearing
    • power button
  • New M18 Fuel 18ga nailer
    • Uses sealed compressed nitrogen to drive each nail
    • No gas cartridges needed
    • no ramp up time
    • “unmatched fire rate”
    • “compact and lightweight” cordless nailer
    • 11.9″ length / 5.35 lbs weight
    • leaves consisten “clean” holes
    • dry fire lockout/sequential/bump fire modes, reversible belt clip
    • tool free depth of drive adjustment and jam clearing
    • power button
  • M18 Fuel Fish Tape + Puller
  • M18 Fuel Rear handle saw (worm drive style/look) 2830-20 / 2830-21HD
    • power of 15 amp corded saws
    • cuts faster than corded 15 amp worm drive saws
    • up to 570 cuts per charge with 12.0 ah battery
    • worm drive style looks w/ sidewinder configuration
    • electric brake/LED worklight/magnesium shoe & guards/rafter hook
    • Speed: 5,800
    • Arbor Size: Diamond
    • Bevel Capacity: 53 degree
    • Capacity: 2-1/2” at 90° and 1-7/8” at 45°
    • Weight: 13.5 lbs (10 lbs bare tool)
    • 5-year warranty
  • New M18 Fuel Super Hawg Gen 2 2811-20 / 2811-22
    • Gen 2 updated design
    • better runtime with up to 100 2-9/16″ holes through 6″ beams with 6.0 HO battery
    • more powerful – capacity of  up to 6-1/4″ in. holes

Hand Tools:

  • digital expandable concrete levels
  • new levels and squares
  • New 25ft Stud Tape measure with 14 standout
  • new line of fish tapes
    • steel & polyester fish tapes
    • Multi-Position Handle
    • Anti-Catch Tip
    • Square Inner Grip
    • High Visibility Laser Etched Markings
    • Steel Fish Tapes feature a low friction case providing you with smooth payout and easy rewind
      • Flexible Blue Tempered Steel
    • Polyester Fish Tapes with Non-Conductive Tips feature a high flexibility tape for the easiest fishing
      • Triple Strand Design
  • pipe wrenches


  • new packout storage solution
  • Packout bluetooth radio M18 charger
  • packout sectional


  • Hardhats
    • Ratcheting Suspension – Quick Adjustment
    • BOLT™ Reversible Headlamp Mount & Marker Clip Slots
    • Four BOLT™ Accessory Slots and Two Universal Accessory Slots
    • Compatible with all of BOLT™ Hard Hat Accessories
    • Sweatband designed for moisture wicking and additional comfort
  • gloves
  • respirators
    • valved respirators with & without gasket
    • Valve Reduces Heat by 10°F
    • Soft Adjustable Straps
    • Downward Angle Vent Reduces Glasses Fog
    • single or triple packs
  • safety glasses
    • regular/performance/performance with gaskets
    • clear and tinted or polarized
    • Durable Anti-Scratch Lenses
    • Anti-Fog Lenses
  • safety vests
    • yellow or orange
    • 15 Pockets including Tablet Pocket
    • reinforced pockets
    • Comfortable Padded Collar
    • 3 Internal Pockets
  • Ear plugs
    • Noise Reduction Rating 32dB
    • Soft Comfortable Foam
    • Tapered Shape for a Better Fit
    • Resealable Packaging for Secure Storage
    • Milwaukee red


  • Matrix Shockwave carbide impact bits


  • M12 Heated hydrobreak jackets
  • M12 Heated gridiron

My thoughts:

Wow, just Wow! After last years NPS event I thought Milwaukee would have a hard time making another NPS event as good or better than but they’ve outdone themselves this year. I had thought that their current M18 Fuel 10″ miter saw was maxing out what was possible on only 18V however they’ve pushed the bar with a new 12″ sliding miter saw model – impressive. Last years Gen 2 M18 Fuel circular saw was among the best however I see they were peer pressured into making a new rear handle model to fit in with the crowd – hopefully it gets even better performance to go with it’s larger body style. Keep in mind that while it may look like a “worm drive” it’s not at the battery goes where the worm drive gearing and motor would be so it’s a faux worm drive just like Makita’s and Dewalt’s models.

I’ve been asking for a 12 volt version of the Surge hydraulic driver and sure enough, this was the year for it to come out. That will definitely be my go to impact driver. Just about most of the other brands have their own cordless 18V trim routers so it was time for Milwaukee to come out with their own as an M18 Fuel model and it looks solid. A select few other pro tool brands have cordless concrete cutoff saws and now Milwaukee does too, however theirs still continues to impress as it’s on 18V while the rest are higher voltage. M12 got several new interesting tools along with a torque wrench, an installation driver with interchangeable attachment heads which is something we’ve only come to see from the UK and overseas markets however now in the USA, a new M12 Fuel die grinder and M12 Fuel extended head ratchets.

The M18 system itself got several interesting new tools to go along with the ones already mentioned such as a sewer section machine which is a massive cordless snake auger and new M18 Fuel nailers with the much awaited framing nailers in 21 and 30 degree variants and a new 18ga brad nailer. Another impressive addition is a new M18 Fuel fish tape + puller – whoa this came out of nowhere but is impressive no doubt as a cable puller is usually another tool that takes up extra space in your truck however this is a fish tape and puller all in one.

It wouldn’t be Milwaukee if they didn’t have new M12 heated gear each year and this year is no different with M12 gridiron and hydrobreak heated jackets. Going along with this years newest impact bit announcements, they’ve added new matrix shockwave carbide impact bits to their line and also have an arsenal of new safety gear including hardhats, gloves, respirators, safety glasses and safety vests with many of them also part of the wearables category.

Hand tool categories get a new Stud 25 ft tape measure with an impressive 14 foot standout thanks to a wide blade, new levels and squares and new line of fishtapes and pipe wrenches. Packout gets a ton of new storage solutions along with a new TSTAK and Toughsystem inspired Milwaukee Packout bluetooth radio and M18 charger. There’s also new packout cushions to make a Packout sectional throne, however I’m not sure if this was simply part of the event or will be a real thing. We’ll have to wait and see.

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Great list, thanks for putting that together so quickly.
I think I also saw someone post about an m18 1/4” crown stapler, similar in appearance to the revised brad nailer.


Thanks for the list Javier, beats trawling through site after site.