New Ego 56V 20″ Steel Deck Mower Spotted

Thanks to Tool Craze YouTube viewer Robert L. a new Ego 20″ Steel Deck Mower has been spotted in the UK. The current Ego Mowers have plastic decks, nothing wrong with that but a steel deck would definitely make it a step up as materials are concerned.


The new design appears to be all black or at least black with dark gray sections and looks more like a traditional petrol powered mower. The motor unit is a stealth black and appears to be the same motor unit from the current 21″ self propelled model.

Oh did I mention the new Ego 56V 20″ Steel Deck Mower is a self propelled model as well? It is and should behave similarly to the current 21″ self propelled model. Although the new Ego 56V 20″ Steel Deck Mower loses an inch capacity with it’s 20″ deck.

I also appreciate that the handle bars appear to be steel tubing like you would find on a petrol mower, to go with the steel deck. From a quick glance, you’d be convinced that this is a petrol powered mower, but it is in fact an all electric cordless battery powered mower from Ego.

Just like the current self propelled 21″ model, this new steel deck model is also a 3 in 1 mower as it can mulch, bag, and side discharge grass clippings.

Like I said before, this was spotted over in the UK so you guys in the UK can rejoice with the new offering. Those of us in North America will have to keep our hopes up since there is no word if this will ever make it here to North America.


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Just saw on home Depot website that this steel deck ego is now in stock online.

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