New Fein Cordless 12V Power Tools

fein 12V tool craze

Fein just announced a new line of cordless 12V power tools over in France. The new line includes 3 drills (one 3/8″ drill driver, one screwdriver, and one brushless drill / screwdriver with a removable 1/2″ chuck), an impact driver, oscillating multi-tool, and LED worklight. This new line uses lithium ion slide pack batteries just like most 18V platforms and although most are brushed power tools, the 1/2″ drill driver with removable chuck features a brushless motor and 4 mechanical speeds! Unlike most 12V power tool brands at the moment, these 12V batteries have fuel gauges built into them for easy battery status.

10_800x600 (1)ASCM 12 C 12V Brushless 1/2″ 4 Speed Drill Driver

  • removable 1/2″ metal keyless chuck
  • screwdriver when chuck removed
  • brushless motor
  • 4 speed mechanical transmission
  • 400/700/1,400/2,500 RPM
  • 40 Nm (354 in-lbs torque)
  • 150 mm length (5.9″) without chuck installed
  • 1.1 kg weight (2.4 lbs)
  • 20+1 torque settings
  • Belt Clip & bit holder

The ASCM 12 C 12V Brushless 1/2″ 4 Speed Drill Driver will easily gather the most interest out of the bunch because of it’s many standout features. Featuring a brushless motor, 1/2″ metal chuck, over 350 in-lbs torque, and 4 speeds makes this an impressive drill and even more so when you consider the chuck is removable exposing the built in 1/4″ hex chuck making it extremely compact. With specs like these, I feel even the Milwaukee M12 Fuel drill is getting jealous.

10_800x600ABSU 12 C 12V 3/8″ Drill Driver

  • 3/8″ metal keyless chuck
  • brushed motor
  • 2 speed mechanical transmission
  • 400/1,300 RPM
  • 30 Nm (265.5 in-lbs torque)
  • 180 mm length (7″)
  • 1.2 kg weight (2.64 lbs)
  • 17+1 torque settings
  • Belt Clip & bit holder

10_800x600 (2)ABSU 12 W4C 12V Screwdriver

  • 1/4″ hex chuck
  • brushed motor
  • 2 speed mechanical transmission
  • 400/1,300 RPM
  • 30 Nm (265.5 in-lbs torque)
  • 155 mm length (6.1″)
  • 1.1 kg weight (2.4 lbs)
  • 17+1 torque settings
  • Belt Clip & bit holder

The ABSU 12 C 3/8″ drill and ABSU 12 W4C screwdriver are pretty much the same tool with identical motor and drivetrain with the main differences being either the 3/8″ chuck or 1/4″ hex chuck to give users a choice between a drill or screwdriver. With the screwdriver having the same motor and drivetrain as the drill, choosing the screwdriver will not offer a decrease in performance while retaining a more compact form factor. These have average specs with a brushed motor for pro level 12V drills. Although not as appealing as the brushless 4 speed drill, these are offered at a much lower price point.

10_800x600 (4)Fein AFMT Multitalent Sans Fil (Sans Fil translates as Wireless or Cordless) 12V Multitool

  • brushed motor
  • Freestanding motor with decoupling for reduced vibration
  • 11-000 – 18,000 Oscillations OPM
  • Oscillation angle 2 x 1.6 (3.2 degrees)
  • QuickIn tool free blade change
  • 1.5 kg weight (3.3 lbs)
  • Built in Germany

FEIN-71292561090 – $199.99

from: Acme Tools

This Fein AFMT Multitalent 12V multitool looks to be based on their excellent Multimaster FMM 350 Q that I reviewed last year. It looks like all the standout features of the FMM 350 Q made it to this 12V multitool such as their suspended motor and drivetrain which greatly reduces vibration and their QuickIn tool less blade change system. With Fein being the inventor of the electric oscillating multitool, you know this is going to be an excellent 12V multitool.

10_800x600 (3)ASCD 12-100 W4C 12V impact driver

  • 1/4″ hex chuck
  • brushed motor
  • 100 Nm (885 in-lbs torque)
  • 2,700 RPM
  • 3,450 IPM
  • 158 mm length (6.2″)
  • 1.1 kg weight (2.4 lbs)
  • Belt Clip & bit holder

The ASCD 12-100 W4C 12V impact driver is also a brushed motor power tool like most 12V impact drivers. It also features average performance stats for a pro level 12V impact driver. Although not as powerful as 18V impact drivers, users appreciate their get it done 12V power to weight ratio for being so small.

10_800x600 (5)LED Lamp ALED 12-18 V

  • 900 lux
  • 2 mode low & high
  • adjustable tilting head
  • compatible with Fein 12V / 14V / 18V batteries

This LED light appears to be very small and light and what’s remarkable about it is that not only is it part of Fein’s new 12V power tool line, it can also be powered by the rest of Fein’s lithium ion batteries from their 14V batteries all the way up to their 18V batteries. With the LED bulb, users should be able to squeeze many hours out of their batteries. Especially when used in the low setting.

As I mentioned in the beginning of this article, these are listed on Fein’s French website so no word on when or if they will be available here in the USA so the most we can do at the moment is hope they eventually make their way here as I’m sure many would love to get their hands on them, especially that 12V 4 speed brushless removable chuck drill of theirs.

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