New Harbor Freight 40V Lynxx Outdoor Power Equipment

Harbor Freight – 40V – Brushless! I never thought I’d hear two of those in the same sentence, and even much less all three. But here we are and Harbor Freight has come out with a new cordless line of outdoor power equipment called LYNXX running on 40V lithium ion batteries with a blower, chainsaw, string trimmer, hedge trimmer, and pole saw. Although not all of them are brushless tools as only the blower and chainsaw feature brushless motors but this is still impressive for the budget tool store giant. A big thanks to Tool Craze Facebook follower Joshua B. for spotting this great news!

63285_zzz_500The battery itself is a 40V lithium ion slide pack battery rated at 2.5ah (amp hours) and with a fuel gauge! All of Harbor Freights 18V battery powered tools are all powered by ni-cad batteries which is old battery tech, but these are not Harbor Freights first lithium ion batteries as their 12V tools with interchangeable batteries also use lithium ion batteries. What I find very appealing about these HF 40V lithium batteries is that they can be bought separately and are very inexpensive as you would expect from anything sold at Harbor Freight as they retail for only $59.99. These batteries are supposed to charge in a relatively short time at only 6o minutes with the “fast” charger that is included with the tools. I say 60 minute charge time is good since there are other manufacturers including Harbor Freight in house brands that charge their tools for several hours so 60 minutes is good, but there are other brands that charge 2.5 ah batteries in half the time. And yes all the Lynxx tools and batteries are interchangeable and fully compatible with each other.

One thing I find strange is that all the tools including the battery describe the battery as a 2.5ah battery although the hedge trimmer is said to come with a 4.0 battery which I am leaning on the belief that this might be a typo. Actually it is a typo as I looked at the manual for the hedge trimmer and it does in fact come with a 2.5ah battery.

All the tools are priced similarly to Ryobi 40V OPE pricing and range from $139-169 which is mid-range pricing for cordless power outdoor power equipment and in line with similar 40V tools. Although one would expect lower prices from HF including myself, we have to realize that Harbor Freight is stepping up their game with these new cordless Harbor Freight 40V Lynxx Outdoor Power Equipment . The prices include the tool itself, the 2.5ah 40V lithium battery, and “fast” charger.

The LYNXX team colors are yellow and gray but the main color seems to be grey with yellow being the accent so as to not be confused with Dewalt tools.

These five new 40V tools makes for a great cordless outdoor power tool line to start off with. I do like that they include a pole saw which is something not all cordless lines have and is a very useful tool if you have trees and you prune them yourself. One thing that is missing that I’d like to see included in the Lynxx line is a cordless lawn mower. That would make it a more complete system and would in my opinion motivate more potential buyers to jump on board the new Lynxx system as a mower would make it a complete system.

63289_zzz_500String Trimmer:

Has a 13 inch cutting swath and uses 0.65″ line which is thinner than the basic 0.80″ line most budget string trimmers use. No word on if it’s a dual line trimmer as the webpage and the manual say nothing in this regard. But I would assume that if it was a dual line trimmer it would be listed as a feature so my guess is that it isn’t. New to string trimmer users will enjoy the built in edge guide metal guard and edger wheel so that the user can easily use the string trimmer as an edger without any previous experience.

  • 40V
  • 13 inch cutting swath
  • No Load Speed 8,500 RPM
  • Replacement Line Type 0.065″ Nylon
  • weight 8.36 lbs
  • $139.99


The HF 40V blower is the star of the 40V line in my opinion as it has very good stats for 40V with 480 CFM’s at 150 mph. This is as good or better than some higher voltage blowers as it has the same CFM’s as Ego’s original 56V blower but the Lynxx blower has higher MPH at 150 versus the egos 92 mph. The blower is one of the two tools in the line that is equipped with a brushless motor which is a standout feature as it helps bring more power and runtime than brushed motor designs. HF also claims this to be a quieter blower at only 65 decibels.

  • 40V
  • brushless motor
  • 480 CFM
  • 150 MPH
  • 65 decibels
  • 7.1 lbs
  • $139.99

63288_zzz_500Hedge Trimmer:

The hedge trimmer has good stats with a 24 inch double sided blade and can cut up to 3/4 inch branches. Nothing out of the ordinary here for 40V OPE.

  • 40V
  • 24 inch blade length
  • No Load Speed 2,500 SPM (Strokes Per Minute)
  • Branch Capacity 3/4″ diameter
  • weight 8 lbs
  • $139.99

63287_zzz_500Chain Saw:

Here’s the other tool in the group that’s brushless and it needs to be to power a 14 inch bar and chain. Just like the blower, it’s also in the high end of 40V performance as most 40V chain saws fall in the 12 inch realm (very few 40V chainsaws have anything larger than a 12 inch bar and chain although a few others have 14 and 16 inch bar and chains on 40V chainsaws). It has an Oregon bar and chain and has an automatic chain oiler. This bad boy is also the most expensive in the group at $169.99 but at this price it includes the battery and charger as all the other tools do also and at $169.99 it’s priced less than most 40V chainsaws out there as kits with battery and charger.

  • 40V
  • brushless motor
  • 14 inch Oregon bar and chain
  • Automatic chain oiler
  • low kickback design
  • cuts branches up to 14 inch diameter
  • $169.99

63286_zzz_500Pole Saw:

The pole saw is the second chain saw of the group and is the second most expensive at $149.99. It features an Oregon 10 inch bar and chain and telescopes from 6 feet all the way up to 8 feet and 10 inches to be able to reach branches up to 15 feet high.

  • 40V
  • 10 inch Oregon bar and chain
  • Automatic chain oiler
  • Extends from 6 ft. to 8 ft. 10 in.
  • $149.99

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Douglas Allen

What is the actual run time for the 40v lithium fully charged? The high priced lithium 40v powertools only have a run time of almost 60 minutes,so how long is your run time?


I bought the 14″ chainsaw this summer, I get 20+ minutes cutting time before I need a recharge. More if I’m doing quick start/stop cuts on small diameter logs, maybe a little less if if I’m cutting up a 22″ log by taking it from both sides and the saw is running a long time at a stretch.


My chainsaw (lynxx) lasts for 15 to 20 mins when using it
Takes 60s to charge.

Vlad Bieg

“40V – Brushless! I never thought I’d hear two of those in the same sentence” – perhaps you should have a look at Kobalt range of tools, including 80V outdoor series:

Vlad Bieg

OK, you are rightly annoyed, I misquoted you a bit 🙁 Though I am still not clear what is so special about someone introducing brushless motor powered tool: nowadays just about everyone offers them, there are hundreds of such tools from dozens of manufacturers, this is technology going years back. Frankly, I am surprised every time I see a new tool announced with brushed motor! In my country Harbour Freight is unknown, and your surprise implies that they build lower priced tools (and thus were not particularly progressive in the past). Sounds to me like: “wow! look at that! Dongfeng… Read more »


I would like to know who covers warranty work and is there a extended coverage


there are NO parts available at all for Lynxx tools i have some was on hold HF for hours checking .nothing found on the net either.


harbor freight offers extended warranties on almost all power tools / battery operated tools


I bought the 40v Lynx blower, bought extended 12 yr warranty they will replace on spot due to defects. Extra $21.00

Lyman McKee

where in Denver can I get replacement string for 40 V cordless string trimmer, or purchase by order?????e

Richard Norman

We are looking to purchase a string trimmer but cannot get any information as to the run time on the battery — any info?


My Lynxx 40v trimmer is I believe rated for just less than an hour.. I just trimmed my front lawn 300 sq ft and pavers with a new unit and the battery feels like a full charge.


My friend Ozzie and I have been cutting our own wood for our cabins fifteen years, minimum. Using the pole trimmer from HF ( Lynxx) was a whim. Wow! We were both VERY impressed. I’d guess the run time is in the area of an hour – we used the heck out of it. And frankly, in the heat of the sun we were ready for a break while it quick charged. Had it about six weeks, three or four weekends of hard use, no problems. I’m just a user, no financial affiliation whatsoever.


Where do you get the string for it?


So …why doesn’t Lynxx come out with a drill/driver and rotary saw based on it’s 40V lithium?.

James Brown

Okay I am on my 2nd blower in 2 days. I cannot be this unlucky. Both have ran for 5 minutes before discharging a rather painful shock into my hand. The blower shuts off until I release the throttle trigger and re-squeeze. Get another 30 seconds and zapped again. Tried leather work gloves and I wind up getting a even bigger shock just further apart. I am giving it one more chance. Anyone else have a issue like this?


Sounds like BULL!!!!


So it sounds like the trimmer and chain saw have plenty of power. An hr run time is fine I just Dont want something that is going to boug down soon as u touch it to some grass over 3″ high or cut into a tree limb. Any information on this from user would be greatly appreciated


Use the pole saw quite a lot broken less than a year the gear stripped out can’t find parts anywhere!!!

Marshall Allen

Where can I buy a battery charger for my 40V Lynx Power Blower?

Carter Wilkerson

I purchased the hedge trimmer and I’m pleased with the results. Went back to buy the blower….but since I already had the battery and the charger….and this battery is interchangeable with the assorted tools, I didn’t need another battery and charger but was told I had to buy the whole kit. Paying for another battery and charger is redundant, unnecessary, and a waste of somewhere around $85 ! I can….and will….buy a cordless blower for roughly the same money I would have wasted paying for a second battery and charger from another retailer. Harbor Freight needs to make this line… Read more »


Where can a person get extra spools for the Lynxx weed eater




The question I have is are these batteries interchangeable with the Ryobi tools? That would be great – I have the Ryobi mower and love it but it juuuust barely gets through my entire yard and hate driving a battery to depletion like that. I’d love to have a spare but don’t need a whole 5Ah and don’t want to spend half the cost of a whole ‘nother mower on one.


I am looking for 40v charger for a Lynxx pole chain saw with no luck.does anyone know where I can purchase pne?

robert pethtel

Where can I purchase replacement parts for my Lynxx 40 volt trimmer/edger. I need a replacement snap in line spool retainer (plastic is worn through)


need part for JUNK


I’m looking for a Lynnx 40v battery charger


I’m looking for a 40v Lynxx battery charger

Daniel Dunn

Do you still need one?


Stay away from Lynx pole saw ! I bought it last year and used it twice. Was using it again this past fall and the thing started smoking. Smelled like burning brushes. Made the mistake of not buying the extended warranty. When it worked, it worked well but it should last longer than a year. Spend your money on a quality product.

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