New Milwaukee Safety Cutter

48-22-1916_1_480pxOne of the newest additions to the Milwaukee Hand Tool line is a brand new safety cutter. What is a safety cutter? Think of a box cutter but without the blades exposed – it’s design is very similar to the non-exposed blade of a letter opener.

With the blades not being exposed, it makes the tool safe to use without the risks involved with blades.

A quick and easy substitute for utility or pocket knives, the new Safety Cutter is the ideal solution for “knife-free” jobsites. Perfect for opening cardboard and corrugate, tape, plastic, and shrink wrap, the Cutter features an optimized, recessed blade that stays sharp and allows for more efficient cuts. An ergonomic, nylon handle provides up to 5X longer life than other similar cutters on the market. For added utility, the front of the tool is designed with a tape piercer, while the back is equipped with a lanyard hole.

This new Milwaukee Safety Cutter will be available this month October 2016 for pocket change of $2.99.


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