New Milwaukee Striking Solutions – Hammers & Axes

Milwaukee continues to expand their hand tools line with new striking solutions for the pros in the trades with a new line of automotive hammers, splitting axes, a drywall hammer, and adding new models to their existing line of fiberglass handle hammers! They will all launch in September 2022 with individual pricing and features shown below.

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Automotive Hammers

As part of the new automotive hammers offered by Milwaukee, they include new dead blow hammers, steel ball peen hammers, and a combination dead blow ball peen hammer. One of their new dead blow hammers is shown above. All of these new hammers are backed by Milwaukee’s lifetime guarantee.

The Milwaukee dead blow hammer offers max impact with minimal rebound thanks to a dead blow hammers characteristics. Milwaukee’s dead blow hammers feature a precision balanced design that they say delivers forceful blows with less effort on your part. They also feature a steel reinforced handle for maximum durability.

Milwaukee’s steel ball peen hammers feature a peen end that is designed to shape, form, and spread metal, while the smooth end is designed to work as a regular hammer to strike punches and chisels. Their steel ball peen hammers feature a grip that they call “SHOCKSHIELD” that they say can reduce vibration up to ten times.

The Milwaukee dead blow ball peen hammers combine both a dead blow hammer and a ball and peen hammer and Milwaukee says their dead blow ball peen hammers allow workers to work in tighter areas where precision is needed and the dead blow aspect of the hammer offers minimal rebound characteristics. They are equipped with an over mold handle and anti-slip grip that helps provide more control when swinging to strike and since it is a ball peen hammer, it can be used to shape metal as well.

Automotive Hammers 
28oz Dead Blow Hammer 48-22-9150 $29.97-NEW!
48oz Dead Blow Hammer 48-22-9151 $35.97-NEW!
16oz Steel Ball Peen Hammer 48-22-9130 $50.97-NEW!
24oz Steel Ball Peen Hammer 48-22-9131 $69.97-NEW!
16oz Dead Blow Ball Peen Hammer 48-22-9140 $50.97-NEW!
32oz Dead Blow Ball Peen Hammer 48-22-9141 $69.97-NEW!

Milwaukee Dead Blow Hammers

Milwaukee Steel Ball Peen Hammers

Milwaukee Dead Blow Ball Peen Hammers

Splitting Axes

Milwaukee offers two splitting axes in a 16″ and a 26″ variant. These axes are designed for splitting wood and Milwaukee says their axes offer quicker splits and the most durable handles. They offer durable handles by featuring a steel reinforced handle that’s able to withstand bending and they also feature wear resistant grips according to Milwaukee. They also feature included sheaths to protect the blade when not in use.

Splitting Axes 
16” Splitting Axe 48-22-9061 $39.97-NEW!
26” Splitting Axe 48-22-9062 $46.97-NEW!

Drywall Hammer

Their new 15oz drywall hammer features an I-Beam handle that helps withstand bending and offers increased durability. It also features what Milwaukee calls “SHOCKSHIELD” grip that helps reduce vibrations on your hands and arms. It also features a precision balanced design with milled face that grips nails while also helping to reduce missed strikes according to Milwaukee. The flat top head is also designed the help users strike in tighter quarters such as ceilings and corners for example. The back bottom end of the hammer head also works as a hook to help hold up sheets of drywall.

Drywall Hammers 
15oz Drywall Hammer 48-22-9060 $30.97NEW!

Poly/Fiberglass Hammer

Milwaukee adds a new 21oz milled face poly/fiberglass hammer 48-22-9320 (as shown above) to their existing line of poly/fiberglass hammers. It features a reinforced high strength handle with a strong fiberglass core that is said to add durability. The head features a precision balanced design, with a milled face that helps grip nails and reduce slippage and mis-strikes, and a magnetic nail set to easily start nail setting.

Fiberglass Hammers 
21oz Milled Face Poly/Fiberglass Hammer 48-22-9320 $29.97NEW!
19oz Smooth Face Poly/Fiberglass Hammer 48-22-9316 $26.97
3lb Fiberglass Drilling Hammer 48-22-9310 $19.97

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