Porter Cable 9 Inch 2.5 Amp Band Saw

I accidentally spotted a new band saw from Porter Cable on my way out of Lowe’s yesterday, a new Porter Cable 9 inch 2.5 amp band saw.

It’s specs and pricing at $129 put it directly against Ryobi’s and Harbor Freights 9 inch models. With further inspection of the Ryobi and Harbor Freight 9 inch models, I found out that they are identical models, other than their color scheme. Porter Cables model isn’t exactly identical to the HF and Ryobi model but is eerily similar in shape and specs, almost identical. The physical differences I spotted between Porter Cable’s model and the HF and Ryobi 9 inch models was the shape of the round over of the door edges and they use knobs to keep the doors closed instead of clips on the Ryobi HF models. Other than that they look almost identical other than the color scheme. I wouldn’t be surprised if Porter Cable’s 9 inch band saw came out of the same factory as the other two.

The differences don’t end there as Porter Cable’s specs for their 9 inch model are slightly different, with a slightly smaller blade of 59-1/2 inches, a feed rate of 2500 feet per minute. It’s table is slightly larger at 12-5/16-in x 11-7/8-in.

Of course at it’s $129 price point we’re not going to expect a boat load of features, or best in class features. As such this model lacks a fence, a built in light, and has upper and bottom block blade guides. If you want a fence and a light, you’re better off with Skill’s 9 inch band saw which retails for the same price although it still has similar block blade guides.

If the Porter Cable 9 inch model is anything like the Ryobi and HF 9 inchers, we should expect entry level performance. I reviewed the Ryobi 9 inch model and it was a decent little machine, perfect for small projects.

  • Motor: 120V 2.5 Amps
  • Cutting Speed: 2,500 FPM
  • Blade Length: 59-1/2″
  • Throat Capacity: 9″
  • Table Size: 12-5/16-in x 11-7/8-in
  • Maximum Cutting Height: 3.5″ (at 90°)
  • Weight: 39.6 lbs


  • l rossi says:

    I purchased the 9″ Porter Cable band saw, opened the box up
    and to the dismay of a little kid at Xmas, never so disappointed,
    there were no instructions or table, nor adjusting knob,looking
    at the way the box was originally sealed, this box was never opened before me. Lotsa junk

  • Steav Smith says:

    I just bought this same band saw after much research and reading your review. I haven’t used it much to really get into a review, but I am happy with it so far. For the money and the metal construction it seems hard to beat. The lower ends have too much plastic and look like toys. The next size up are considerably more. I actually saved $20 on mine by ordering it online at Sears and then picking it up at the local store in the mall. Question for you is where are you getting your blades? Obviously Sears has them but are they any good? The 70.5 inch size seems to be an odd ball size as I look around on the web. Thanks for your help.

  • Bruce says:

    I, too, have purchased the same band saw. It’s my first, although I’ve used band saws before. I followed the manual to make sure the blade guides were set correctly and quickly noted that the top guides do not align with the blade! The behind-the-blade roller is all the way forward and is still nearly 3/8 inch from the blade! How does that keep the blade straight? I was able to readjust the lower guides to precise settings. I worry about the top guides, they’re worthless! I tried cutting some 3/4 inch wood and the blade swayed to the right, not even on the line I had drawn on the wood! If I can’t get restitution from Porter Cable, I’m going to have a local machinist redesign the upper guides.

  • Scott Braun says:

    You reference the Skil 9 inch band saw as having bearing guides, I just looked and that unfortunately is not the case.

  • john says:

    just picked up a 9 in. porter cable band saw today at lowes .Some one had returned it and lowes reduced it to $60.00 .It still had all its parts and hardware . Sure has alot of plastic .But thats ok .For the little jobs that i do ,it will work just fine. And for for $60.00 , heck yes !

  • David says:

    Have had good luck using for light duty. Blade broke, and I measured the broken blade at 59.5″.
    Checked the manual for blade specs, and the manual says it is 93.5″!
    Somebody didn’t check their work on the manual.
    Other than that potential miss order, the book is OK.

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