Reader Question Answered Regarding Links on this Website

Reader Camilo Trevino has a question regarding links not working on the site. Usually I address emails directly but in this case I felt it best to post the answer here for everyone else to see just in case I get this question answered in the future.

This is what he asked:

Hello Javier,

The link to the article on the DEWALT FLEXVOLT 60V MAX CUT OFF SAW / CONCRETE SAW DCS690 is not working.

I wanted to get the price on Amazon, but it was not listed.

Do you know the price on this puppy?

Thanks a bunch!

Camilo is talking about a link regarding my article on the new Dewalt Flexvolt concrete cutoff saw, click here to read the original article. To answer your question Camilo, the link is working just fine but the reason it’s not taking you to the specific listing is because the new saw is so new it’s not out yet. According to Dewalt that new saw will be available in June 2018 which is several months from now. I don’t know the price because ONE it’s not available for sale yet, and TWO because Dewalt hasn’t listed the price yet – at least to my knowledge.

So going back to my point, the reason for this article in the first place are the product links I provide for most tool article’s. Most of the tool articles I write about are brand new tools, tools so new they aren’t out yet and not listed on retail sites yet. I still provide a link that will eventually take you to the tool in question, WHEN it becomes available, but in the meantime it will take you to an empty results page if that retailer hasn’t listed it yet. So in other words there is nothing wrong with the links themselves. This means keep trying again at a later time when they do eventually list it.

I provide links to each tool as a courtesy for you to make it easy to find and purchase these tools and the links also help support the website so I can continue providing free new tool content for you guys on a regular basis. I also want to mention that I must place links for items even if they are not available yet because it would be too time consuming to have to go back to each tool article and add or update links.

Thanks again to Camilo for bringing this up so the issue can be clarified and you guys don’t have to stress if any tool links don’t appear to work. Moral of the story, just keep waiting until they become available.

If you have any other questions, feel free to leave any in the comments section of each article or use the Contact page. I answer questions faster if they are left in the comments section so keep that in mind.

Tool Craze does not sell this product or any product on the Tool Craze website. Tool Craze does not handle the sale of any item in any way. If you purchase something through a post on the Tool Craze site, Tool Craze may get a small share of the sale. Please refer to the About section for more info.

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