Ridgid 18V 8.0 Ah Max Output EXP Lithium Battery AC840080

Ridgid announced a new high capacity battery to their 18V lineup with the Ridgid 18V 8.0 ah max output EXP lithium ion battery AC840080.

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This isn’t Ridgid’s highest capacity battery as we know they had an Octane 9.0 ah a while back. Ridgid cordless tools and batteries tend to go through trends or phases and they recently went through the Octane tool and battery phase and are currently on a new battery trend with their newest batteries which they dub the “Max Output Lithium” batteries. This new 8.0 ah battery fits into that model and it adds EXP to the name. They explain that this battery uses “intelligent electronics to communicate directly with the battery cells to optimize performance when paired with a brushless power tool. They also say these batteries use something they call “ThermaGuard Technology” which uses electronics along with oversized heat sinks to protect the batteries by helping them run cooler. They also say these batteries have durable housing construction to help them withstand impacts and drops, you know, typical jobsite abuse. Ridgid says that these are their most powerful battery they’ve ever built and no doubt this is because this battery uses larger and newer 21700 cells. Ridgid has been a longtime user of 18650 cells in their batteries and 21700 cells are regarded to be superior in most aspects compared to the older smaller cells. Ridgid even claims that these larger cells can deliver up to 3x more power in high demand applications. We can also see that they put the standard 4 bar battery gauge on the front.

After I wrote this article, I noticed that this is not the first time we’ve heard about a new Ridgid 18V 8.0 ah Max Output battery as it had been spotted by Joshua B. back in March 2021. Although this is not the same exact battery in that article and I say that because back then the image of the 8ah battery did not have the “EXP” naming next to it and there are small cosmetic differences between the two that are hard to tell even when side by side as they are very subtle. So it has gone through some changes since it was spotted over a year ago.

This new battery will be available September 2022 for $179 each.

  • “MAX Output EXP is the most powerful battery RIDGID® has ever built”
  • Premium 21700 Lithium-Ion cells are engineered to maximize runtime and deliver up to 3X more power in high demand applications
  • Advanced Intelligent Electronics communicate directly with the tool to provide optimum performance when paired with brushless tools
  • ThermaGuard Technology keeps the battery pack running cooler by utilizing advanced intelligent electronics and oversized heat sinks to remove built up heat
  • Durable pack design with reinforced housing shields the battery against tough jobsite conditions
  • Integrated LED fuel gauge monitors runtime
  • 100% Compatible: Works with all RIDGID®  18V Tools, and Chargers
  • Lifetime Service Agreement with registration within 90 days of purchase
  • Includes: AC840080 8.0Ah MAX Output EXP Lithium-Ion Battery and Operator’s Manual
  • This battery will be available at The Home Depot and HomeDepot.com

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I’d be interested to know if this battery out performs the Octane batteries.