Ryobi 18V Brushless Planting & Digging Tool ODT1800 – Battery Powered Earth Auger

Glenn spotted a new Ryobi 18V cordless brushless tool in Australia called the Ryobi 18V Brushless Planting & Digging Tool model ODT1800.

This new cordless planting and digging tool is basically a battery powered earth auger and makes it yet another one of Ryobi’s brushless cordless tools on their 18V platform. The earth auger is equipped with a 150mm auger which is 5.9 inches in diameter making it perfect for planting and also great for setting up 4×4 fence posts with ease and without the hassle of backbreaking shoveling.

The brushless motor helps it achieve not only the power necessary to dig up dirt but also allows up to 30 150mm holes to be made with a single battery. They didn’t list which battery but it could be with either a 5.0ah or 6.0ah battery. There’s also electronic kickback protection to stop the motor in case the auger binds on a rock or root so the user doesn’t get hurt by the whiplash.

No word on if or when we will get one here in the USA but chances are good since we get most if not all new Ryobi tools announced overseas here in the USA.

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James C

Where’s the 40V love, Ryobi?


Good question, this probably has to do with the popularity of 18V systems across all brands. People most often gravitate toward 18V systems making higher voltage systems less common. Look at what happened to Dewalt’s 24v and 36V systems, they are no longer supported. Their 40v system is still around but the Flexvolt system gets all the love because it’s backwards compatible with the 18v system (20V). Bosch still has a 36v system however it’s mostly neglected. Makita’s 36V system hasn’t had anything new since forever and might be quietly discontinued in favor of the X2 system because it’s backwards… Read more »

James C

Thanks for the info. I’m a little disappointed that Ryobi has so far limited their 40V tools to outdoor power equipment. Don’t get me wrong, I own quite a few and am pretty happy with them, but I’d love to see a 40V vacuum or lighting options, maybe even a miter or table saw. IIRC, Ryobi’s only >18V non-OPE tool is an 18Vx2 miter saw. What if they could develop 18Vx2 / 40V hybrid options? It seems doable, they would just need a battery connection that isn’t too clunky. The voltages are close enough that it shouldn’t be an issue.… Read more »


James C, the 40v is max voltage. It is actually 36v. Same as 20v max is actually 18v.


I wonder if the same task could be completed with their brushless drill on “low gear” and an earth auger bit. That drill has ridiculous torque and a very smooth low speed, and I think even a side handle (that I don’t normally connect or use).

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