Ryobi 18V Garden Hoe

Announced is a new Ryobi 18V garden hoe. This traditionally manual powered tool is now motorized to help do the some of the work for you. Let’s check it out below. Also a big thanks to DrewBHAM for spotting!

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Ryobi 18V Garden Hoe – Features

Ryobi 18V Garden Hoe

They are saying it’s the industry’s first 18V garden hoe. There are many types of hoes and this model is using an action hoe design. This means that it’s good for both weeding and cultivating soil.

Historically, this tool has been a manual powered tool but Ryobi has turned it into a power tool. (Maybe next they’ll make a Ryobi USB Lithium spoon and fork to make the arduous task of eating easier! That’s a joke.)  They’ve accomplished an 18V hoe thanks to an oscillating blade design that appears to oscillate on the same “pivot” point of a traditional action hoe. The blade oscillates at about 350 oscillations per minute.

Ryobi 18V Garden Hoe in action

This oscillating action will aid in weeding and cultivating. The user will still have to work the tool forward and back where need so some manual power will still be required.

Ryobi 18V Garden Hoe blade

Above you can see the action hoe style blade. The blade has serrated like teeth on it which will no doubt help when weeding.

Ryobi 18V Garden Hoe handle

The overall shape mimics that of a string trimmer with shape and the way it’s meant to be held. Even down to the second handle.

Ryobi 18V Garden Hoe – Runtime

Runtime is said to be up to 150 feet per charge when paired with a 2ah battery.

Ryobi 18V Garden Hoe – Pricing & Availability

It will be available April 2023 as a baretool for $149. The kit is available at the time of writing for $199 and includes a 2ah battery and charger.

Ryobi 18V Garden Hoe

  • Battery powered oscillating blade replaces manual clearing
  • Up to 150 sq ft. per charge* *When using a RYOBI PBP006 2ah 18V ONE+ lithium battery
  • Cultivate soil and remove weeds
  • Perfect for maintaining flower beds and harvesting crops
  • Rectangular shaped blade to dig out stubborn weeds
  • 350 blade head oscillations per minute
  • Front handle for controlled operation
  • Blade Width: 6.5″ Blade Height: 3.5″ Shaft Length: 31″
  • Part of the RYOBI 18V ONE+ System of over 280 Cordless Products
  • 3-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • P29013BTL Includes: 18V Garden Hoe and operator’s manual.
  • This product will be available exclusively at HomeDepot.com.

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