New Ryobi 18V Mud Mixer & Tile Saw Coming Soon

Here is tool news, Ryobi 18V mud mixer and handheld tile saw are coming soon. We can expect both of these in Summer of 2023.

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The above banner is about as much info that we have at the moment at the time of writing. There we see both model images and both are 18 volt tools.

The first one is a 1/2″ mud mixer model PBLMM01 and the second is a 5″ handheld tile saw model PBLHTS01. We will have to wait for additional info as it trickles from Ryobi. We also want to¬† keep in mind that the above images are pre-production models so there might be some slight changes when they launch.

Ryobi 18V Mud Mixer

There’s not much to say about the mud mixer, it has the typical workings of a mud mixer. A 1/2″ keyed chuck and two large handles. The battery bay is on top. It looks like a dial is on the right and a trigger on the left trigger. These are good for mixing drywall mud and thinset among other things.

Ryobi 18V 5″ Handheld Tile Saw

The tile saw has 5 inch on the title which may allude to the size of its blade. However the blade looks a bit smaller than 5 inches. It looks more like 3 to 4 inches like those small cut off wheels but I could be wrong. It has a form factor similar to a circular saw with a shoe that can bevel. The upper blade guard holds a water reservoir to water cool the blade as it cuts. Water also helps cut down on airborn dust. It also appears to have an opening at the rear of the blade guard.

That’s about all I can gather from these images so let’s stay tuned for more info from Ryobi.

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