Ryobi 18V Multi Material Saw R18MMS R18MMS-0 – Puny Circular Saw

A new Ryobi 18V circular saw was spotted in the UK retailer site Tooled-Up.com and it’s the Ryobi 18V Multi Material Saw R18MMS-0.

This new Ryobi 18V circular saw is rather strange because of how small the blade is, it appears to be 3 inch or smaller. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was 2.5 inches! The new Ryobi 18V cordless tool is basically a puny circular saw and they call it a multi material saw. The description doesn’t really say much other than it being a compact cordless circular saw and that it’s sold as a baretool. The blade is just a simple carbide tipped blade like any other circular saw blade for cutting wood and soft materials. The pictures do show it cutting a board although I can’t tell if the panel is a wood or MDF. It’s also shown cutting drywall at a door frame opening and also appears to be used for cutting trim in what appears to be an undercut like the one you’d do when installing flooring and undercutting a door jamb.

As far as features are concerned, only the pics tell us anything. It has an upper blade guard that seems to fully enclose the blade except for a small window opening. No lower blade guard and I don’t see a way to tilt the shoe for bevel cuts. It’s not in the front where it would normally be so it doesn’t appear to be able to bevel, unless the tilt mechanism is in the back right where none of the pics show. It does have a removable vac port.

I find this new Ryobi 18V circular saw to be a strange one as the blade is very small and with a large’ish body (handle makes it look larger than it is) and the motor and blade seem better designed as a 12 volt tool. However while Ryobi does have 12V tool, their range isn’t well developed. I only found one 12 volt Ryobi drill on the HD site. So maybe that’s why they went with 18 volt as Ryobi’s 18 volt line is very popular.

I don’t know if this will ever come to the USA as it was spotted in the UK.

A big thanks to Benigno Ng-Garcia II for spotting!

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