Ryobi 40V Charger with USB Port OP403A Doubles As A Power Source

Some of the newer Ryobi 40V outdoor power tools have been kitted with new chargers. That new charger is the Ryobi 40V Charger with USB Port model OP403A.

What’s interesting about this new 40V charger is that it doubles as a portable USB power source making it perfect to charge your mobile devices on the go such as smartphones and tablets. Power sources are nothing new but it’s interesting to see a charger that doubles as one.

As you’d expect the charging cord is detachable so you may use it as a power source and attach to plug into AC power to charge your 40V batteries. Now, before you get too excited and go out and buy one to replace your current Ryobi 40V charger, keep in mind that this new charger is a slow one as it charges a 40V 5.0 ah battery in 4 hours. Personally I wouldn’t buy it to replace any current chargers but to use as a second or third charger and also primarily to be used as a USB power source on the go. 40V batteries aren’t exactly pocketable meaning this power source/charger wouldn’t be the best idea if you wan’t something small and compact but for something like camping it would be greatly useful especially since 40V batteries offer more capacities than the usual 18V batteries.

The Ryobi 40V Charger with USB Port OP403A is available now for $54.97 or you can get it for less from the buy now link below via Amazon. A big thanks to DrewBHAM for spotting!

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Oh wow that’s actually pretty handy! They’ve got these slide-on type chargers down under now but didn’t notice an USB port on them and it turns out that’s because they have a non-USB model bundled currently which is really poor (why not just give everyone the benefit of USB power bank usage with all new kits?). Also, just noticed now that the charging connector isn’t fixed like I though it was which is good for people who like to modify stuff without breaking warranty (or at least without them being able to tell you broke warranty conditions haha!’).

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