Ryobi P3150 18V Heat Gun

Ryobi announces a new P3150 18V Heat Gun that came out in March 2019 for $79 as a baretool! If you would like to view my honest review of this cordless heat gun click here, otherwise continue reading the preview article below.

It’s just like the TTI made Milwaukee M18 heat gun in the sense that it’s powered solely by an 18 volt battery. In many respects it’s very similar to Milwaukee’s M18 model in design, form factor and even has the same 875 degree operating temp & LED light and for $50 cheaper than Milwaukee’s model. However Ryobi’s model still holds back a bit as it’s not as fast as Milwaukee’s to get up to operational temp however Ryobi’s is still fast at reaching operational temperature at just under 10 seconds. It comes included with a deflector nozzle and concentrator nozzle.

If you would like to view my honest review of this cordless heat gun click here.


  •  High temperature of 875° F
  •  Reaches operational temperature in less than 10 seconds for increased productivity
  •  Deflector nozzle increases productivity for applications such as shrink tubing and pipe thawing
  •  Concentrator Nozzle intensifies heat for specific areas
  •  LED Work Light illuminates workspace for increased visibility


  •  Max Temperature: 875° Farenheight
  •  CFM: 6
  •  Weight: 1.4lbs

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