Ryobi P3240 18V 3 Gallon Portable Wet Dry Vac – New Info

In September of last year we learned of Ryobi having a new 18V portable wet dry vac in production which was model P3240. However all we had to go by was a PDF manual with basic drawings of the product and no actual stats. We did glean a few tidbits of info such as what came with the vacuum such as a nice premium hose, a couple of accessories, external onboard storage for all the accessories and a funky blower port you had to assemble to use. Read more about my original article here as much of it still applies to this model by clicking here. We didn’t know the capacity rating, but we assumed it was around 2 gallons and we didn’t know it’s suction performance in CFM’s either.

Luckily for us Aaron spotted this vac on the Ryobi USA website with a full product listing page. Now we know more about it. I was close with my guesstimate of 2 gallons as it’s confirmed to have a 3 gallon capacity which puts it at a size advantage compared to Dewalt’s and Milwaukee’s 18V wet dry vacs which only store up to 2 gallons of waste.

As far as performance is concerned, Ryobi’s new portable 18V vac is rated for 45 CFM of suction performance which is on par with Milwaukee’s M18 2 gallon wet dry vac which I thought was pretty strong for a small portable wet dry vac, check out my review on the Milwaukee M18 2 gallon wet dry vac by clicking here.

Ryobi’s 18V poratable wet dry vac takes the design cues regarding exterior on board storage from Dewalt’s 20V 2 gallon vac and also squares it up a bit like Milwaukee’s M18 2 gallon vac. Ryobi even goes on to say that the flat top design is convenient for stacking and storage. Ryobi’s vac isn’t exactly flat as there lot’s of bumps but I can see that it would be good for stacking and storage, I just doubt you’ll be able to sit on it like you can on Milwaukee’s model, at least comfortably for that matter.

What we still don’t know is the price and availability as it still isn’t up on the Home Depot page at the time of writing this article. I can assure you it’s coming I just can’t tell you exactly when, It can be days, weeks, or months away from being in your local stores. I will guess that the price should be less than $99 since their much larger and more powerful 6 gallon 18V vac model P770 is priced at $99 (click here to learn more) so I would assume that the model in this article will be priced less than the larger one. My guesstimate is that the 3 gallon model will be around $79 but that’s just my guess.

  • 18V wet dry vacuum
  • 3 gallon capacity
  • blower function (although must install included utility nozzle for use)
  • premium extendable hose, utility nozzle, crevice nozzle included
  • onboard storage for all accessories
  • flat top design for convenient stacking and storage
  • up to 45 CFM suction performance
  • 9.0 lbs weight
  • 3 year tool warranty

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  • Richard Garner says:

    I bought the ryobi 3 gallon wet dry vac at home Depot and it cost me 89.00 dollars and I checked the home Depot website where I bought it at and it is still not available and I sow it on the top shelf in the store

  • Stephen says:

    yes I just saw this at my local HD 89.00 is the asking price for it. Interesting price point with the larger 6 gal only at 10 dollars more

    • Javier says:

      Yeah the pricing is weird as like you say the larger one is only a little bit more but offers twice the capacity, is wheeled, and has about double the suction performance. Could be that Ryobi sees each model as fitting a different need and therefore one model wouldn’t cannibalize on the other models sales but I doubt most people would see it that way, they might want the most value for their buck and the 6 gallon model definitely is a much better value in my opinion

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