Sharpen Dull Multitool Blades Yourself – See Jane Drill Video Shows You How

Got dull oscillating multitool blades? You can either fork out more cash and buy new ones or even get a Sharp Pog and sharpen them yourself but YouTuber Leah from See Jane Drill shows you how to sharpen them yourself with the tools you already have on hand.

According to Leah, you can sharpen your dull multitool blade in about 5 minutes using a flat file to grind down all the dull teeth into a flush stump and then using a tri square file to file away new grooves to make new teeth. Actually the newly filed teeth look nicer and sharper looking than teeth formed from the Sharp Pog. You’ll also need to use a vice and a pair of blocks of wood or strips of plywood to grip the blade as you file away new teeth. All in all it looks very easy to do and I may have to try it out myself next time my blades get dull.

All credit goes to Leah from the See Jane Drill Youtube Channel.

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