4 New Ridgid 18V Products

Just announced today were 12 new Ridgid 18V products. In this article we will take a look at 4 new Ridgid 18V brushless power tools. They include a track saw, compact router, jigsaw, and nailer. Let’s check them out below. You can check out 4 new Ridgid 18V brushless tools here, and the last 4 Ridgid 18V subcompact brushless power tools by clicking here. One big thing to note is that Ridgid hasn’t given an exact release date. All they are saying is that they will be available in 2023.

Article originally written on March 14, 2023 unless otherwise stated.

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Ridgid 18V 23GA Headless Pin Nailer R09898

Ridgid 18V 23GA Headless Pin Nailer R09898

Next on the list is a new 18V 23 gauge headless pin nailer. These are great for installing things such as scribe molding where tiny inconspicuous fasteners work best. Ridgid claims this model is the most compact in class. They also say it has the power to drive pin nails flush into hardwoods. It also has zero ramp up time for instant fires without the delay.

No specific release date or price has been confirmed at the time of writing. Ridgid says it will be available in 2023.

  • Most compact in class
  • Power to drive headless pin nails flush into hardwood
  • Zero ramp up time

Ridgid 18V Professional High Temp Glue Gun R860433

Ridgid 18V Professional High Temp Glue Gun R860433

Sister brand Ryobi has had several 18V cordless glue guns so it was time Ridgid joined the fun with their own. Ridgid calls theirs a “professional” high temp glue gun. It can reach 400 degrees max temp with a 90 second heat up time. The back features a stroke adjustment knob for precise glue dispensing.

No specific release date or price has been confirmed at the time of writing. They say it will be available in 2023.

  • 400° F max temperature
  • 90-second heat up time
  • Stroke adjustment knob for precise glue dispensing

Edit: 8/30/2023 New Info

Ridgid 18V Professional High Temp Glue Gun R860433B

We now received the official press release info from Ridgid regarding their new 18V glue gun. While we already knew it was a high temp heat gun that goes up to 400F, we learn that it has 3 heat settings. They are as follows (low – 280°/ medium – 340° / high – 400°).

There is a mode selector button on the bottom rear to select your heat settings. High temp is goof for heavy-duty construction glue, low is good for heat sensitive materials, and medium is for general and automotive glue sticks.

We knew that it had a stroke adjustment knob and now we get to see it up close in the image above. This is to help you adjust the amount of glue to dispense per squeeze of trigger. You can dial it up or down for precise dispensing.

There’s also an LED light to help in low light situations. An LED indicator light lets you know of the guns status. It will blink as it heats up and turns solid when the desired temp has been reached. Optimal temp can be reached in just 90 seconds.

It also comes with three interchangeable nozzles – a standard nozzle, spreader nozzle, and precision nozzle, as well as a nozzle wrench to provide easy switching between the three nozzles.

It is available now and is priced at $79 as a baretool.


  • 90-second heat up time to operating temperature
  • Three temperature settings up to 400° F
  • Low temperature setting for heat-sensitive materials
  • Medium temperature settings for general and automotive glue sticks
  • High temperature setting for heavy-duty construction glue
  • Stroke adjustment dial for precise dispensing
  • Ready-to-use LED indicator for added user convenience
  • Interchangeable glue nozzles for a variety of applications
  • LED light for improved visibility in low-light situations
  • 100% Compatible: Works with all RIDGID 18V Batteries, Tools, and Chargers
  • Lifetime Service Agreement with registration within 90 days of purchase
  • Includes: R860433 18V Cordlesss Professional High-Temp Glue Gun, standard nozzle, spreader nozzle, precision nozzle, (5) 8 in. glue sticks, and nozzle wrench
  • Battery and charger sold separately
  • This tool will be available exclusively on HomeDepot.com

Ridgid 18V 12.0Ah MAX Output EXP™ Lithium-Ion Battery R840120


Ridgid launches a new battery with very high capacity of 12ah. Ah stands for amp hours which is a measurement of capacity, not power output. This means it has 6 times the capacity of a 2ah battery. 4x the capacity of a 3ah or 3x the capacity of a 4ah and double the capacity of a 6ah and so forth. In some cases larger capacity batteries have been shown to offer better performance on certain tools. This can vary from slight to noticeable but all depends on the tool and application.

Many times a difference in performance isn’t noticeable. Though Ridgid claims this has 3x more power, although they don’t mention compared to what? So take it with a grain of salt as this is marketing and most if not all manufacturers nowadays claim their newest batteries have more power. Whether the difference is noticeable is a different story. This is a Max output labelled battery and supposedly their latest tools perform best with these.

No specific release date or price has been confirmed at the time of writing. Ridgid says it will be available in 2023.

  • 3X more power
  • Runs cooler & lasts longer
  • Advanced intelligent electronics for optimized performance

Ridgid 18V 6A Rapid Charger R86098

Ridgid 18V 6A Rapid Charger R86098

Last of the bunch is a new 18V 6A rapid charger. Ridgid claims it’s 3x faster charging although they don’t mention compared to what? It is rated to charge a max output 6ah battery in about an hour which is quick. It has an integrated pass-through plug to conserve outlet space for other appliances.

No specific release date or price has been confirmed at the time of writing. Ridgid says it will be available in 2023.

  • 3X faster charging
  • Charges an 18V 6.0Ah MAX Output Battery in 1 hour
  • Integrated pass-through plug optimizes outlet space

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