AEG 18V Fusion Brushless Reciprocating Saw has a Rafter Hook – AEG also has Bluetooth Speaker

Usually we learn about new Ridgid tools when they are announced over seas as AEG branded tools and then they eventually come over to the USA as Ridgid branded tools, but it seems that this time around us here in the USA have gotten the Ridgid tools first and then you guys overseas have received your AEG varients afterwards. This is exactly the case with the AEG 18V Fusion Brushless Reciprocating Saw which was spotted first in Canada and now available in the USA as a Ridgid model, and the same goes with the AEG 18V bluetooth speaker.

What’s strange about these offerings is that at first glance they appear to be identical models aside from the difference in color scheme but upon closer inspection one of the AEG models offers an additional feature while the other AEG model lacks a feature found on the Ridgid equivalents. We’ll start off with the AEG 18V Fusion Brushless Reciprocating Saw which has a rafter hook that is not there on the similar Ridgid model. Other than that the specs and features are similar to the Ridgid Canadian model. Learn about the Canadian Ridgid model by clicking here, and learn about the Ridgid USA model by clicking here.

  • Brushless motor for increased power and longer runtimes
  • Large 28.5mm Stroke length for better cutting performance with different materials
  • 0-3,100 SPM
  • Orbital Cutting action provides aggressive cutting action for fast cutting
  • Tool Free Blade change, safely and quickly allows for faster blade changes
  • Tool free foot adjustment allows for more flexibility when cutting in different positions
  • On Board Rafter/ Ladder Hook rugged design for site conditions and allows temporary storage when on site

Looking at the AEG bluetooth speaker, compared to the Ridgid model, it’s only a bluetooth speaker as it’s missing the radio function found on the Ridgid equivalent. Learn more about the USA Ridgid model by clicking here.

  • Up to 25m Bluetooth Range
  • Built in USB port for portable device charging
  • 5 stage equaliser allows for sound customisation
  • User-friendly interface with LED indicators

We can thank Joshua B. and Glenn for spotting these new AEG 18V cordless tools.

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Actually there are a few Ridgid tools you have that we haven’t seen in AEG yet, like the compressor, the heater and the hand vac for example.

There are also quite a few Ryobi 18v tools that we don’t have yet such as the 1/4 sheet sander, the 23g nailer, the transfer pump, the wireless speakers as well a few more, so its not all bad for you guys lol!


Your version of the Bluetooth speaker is way better having the fm radio. In fact I would go so far as to say that any radio that does not have Bluetooth and any Bluetooth speaker that does not have a radio is a complete fail and just an excuse for manufacturers to rip us off. Adding either one at manufacturing stage will literally only cost a few dollars.

As an aside AEG also offer a DAB FM radio with Bluetooth in a compact package.


I agree with bluetooth speakers should have radio and radios should be bluetooth statement. Unfortunately the market is still full of many bluetooth speakrs that are just that and no radio. I was surprised when the Ryobi score main speaker had the radio function built in


Unfortunately as you say, the market is filled with them and until it changes there is no way I will buy another from any tool company. Another problem is that many of them are just way too large. Is it really too much to expect a compact, Bluetooth radio that has a separate tweeter and woofer at a reasonable price? So far only the AEG I listed above comes close but it is too expensive and still uses a full range speaker. The Makita Bluetooth speaker would be a winner though if it had a radio though as would Milwaukees… Read more »

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