Bauer 20V Brushless 1 Inch SDS Plus Rotary Hammer

Harbor Freight doesn’t stop making new tools and the their new Bauer 20V brushless 1 inch SDS Plus rotary hammer is proof of that. Let’s check it out below. A big thanks to Joshua B. for spotting!

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Rotary Hammer – What is it and why do you need one?

Bauer 20V Brushless 1 Inch SDS Plus Rotary Hammer in action 2

An SDS Plus rotary hammer is a specialty tool that’s designed for drilling into concrete and similar materials. This is thanks to its hammering action as it drills. And thanks to their electro-pneumatic hammering mechanism, they are far better at hammer drilling than a regular hammer drill. As such, a rotary hammer is what you get if you need to drill lots of holes in concrete. Whereas a hammer drill is what you get when you need something primarily for regular drilling and driving and may occasionally drill into concrete.

Rotary hammers also use specialized SDS bits and chucks. Bits have specialized indents and grooves that only fit onto their respective SDS chucks. Bits lock into place while allowing a bit of sliding action. The smaller rotary hammers are SDS Plus while larger models use SDS Max.

Bauer 20V Brushless 1 Inch SDS Plus Rotary Hammer in action

Most Rotary hammers also have the ability to hammer only AKA “chipping”. This is useful for chipping away at concrete and is especially useful for removing tile when used with the appropriate chisel bits.

Bauer 20V Brushless 1 Inch SDS Plus Rotary Hammer – Features

Bauer 20V Brushless 1 Inch SDS Plus Rotary Hammer

This Bauer rotary hammer is a cordless tool running on Bauer 20V batteries. It features a brushless motor for efficiency and has a rated capacity of up to 1 inch.

Bauer 20V Brushless 1 Inch SDS Plus Rotary Hammer front end

On the front end, we find the SDS plus chuck along with the side handle. The side handle has a slot for a depth rod and one is included. The depth rod is helpful for setting how deep you want to drill.

Bauer 20V Brushless 1 Inch SDS Plus Rotary Hammer mode dial

I may be wrong but the included depth rod appears to be a round file. If so then the included depth rod can also be used for filing away at stuff. If it actually is a file then it may not be a good idea for the side handle as the file may file away at the plastic used.

Above we also see the mode select dial. This is where you can select hammer only, drilling only, and hammer drilling action. I didn’t see a 4th mode to rotate and adjust bits. This 4th mode comes in handy when in hammer only mode for use with chisel bits so you can set the angle that works best for you.

Above we see the operators end with the grip and trigger. There’s also a reverse switch since this is a drill after all. Rubber overmolding can be found throughout for grip comfort and durability.

Bauer 20V Brushless 1 Inch SDS Plus Rotary Hammer

This particular rotary hammer features an inline shape also known as a “D-Handle”. This is longer than L-shaped models.  While its length means it won’t fit into tighter spots, the longer shape is also a benefit. The added length helps give you a bit more reach when working over head.

Bauer 20V Brushless 1 Inch SDS Plus Rotary Hammer – Pricing & Availability

It is available now and is priced at $99.99 as a baretool. As always, Harbor Freight always undercuts the competition with their low prices. A similar baretool from the more established brands can be found from $179 and up and easily go above $200 making the Bauer a great value option.

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