Harbor Freight Lynxx 40V Cordless Outdoor Tools Made By Chinese Company Lera?

Joshua B. wrote in about the Harbor Freight cordless 40V brushless outdoor power tools. He did some investigating and found out that Harbor Freights 40V outdoor tools look identical to the tools made by a Chinese company called Lera. Particularly the Lera R3S line of cordless 40V tools.

Are they actually made by Lera? I can not answer that, but that may be true or another possibility is that the factory that makes the tools for Lera might also make the same exact tools for Harbor Freight under the Lynxx branding. Those are just my guesses.

Although I can not give you guys a definite answer, this news about the Lera brand is good because they offer additional tools on the same 40V platform which means that Harbor Freight could theoretically come out with additional 40V tools down the line.

Besides the 5 identical tools under the Lynxx name which include a string trimmer, blower, hedge trimmer, chainsaw, and pole saw, Lera also makes a 40V pole hedge trimmer, a 40V snow thrower, and two 40V lawn mowers with a 16″ model and an 18″ model.

And those are just Lera’s 40V outdoor power equipment tools. They also have additional 40V cordless power tools that run on the same battery which include a hammer drill, impact driver, impact wrench, angle grinder, and circular saw – all 40V tools!

This means that if Harbor Freight got smart, they could extend the Lynxx 40V line with additional 40V outdoor tools and 40V power tools for a more complete and comprehensive power tool line.

What do you guys think, should Harbor Freight extend the Lynxx 40V line with additional tools? I think they should.

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40V power tools?Horrible.So heavy to hold.I don’t need it.

Josh The Tooldude

They actually probably wouldn’t be too bad. the 40v batteries are roughly the same size and weight as an 18v pack. they even have the same number of cells.


I bought one of the lynx extended tree trimmers Having to go in for the FOURTH time because the drive gear spun. Also, you can’t buy replacement chains for it.




So what I am hearing is the batteries are interchangeable? Is this correct? Lera make a battery bigger than 2.5ahr?


So far I love the Lynxx 40v chainsaw. I bought the weed eater also, but haven’t used that enough yet, but it is looking good so far.


Great little saw; however,try to find a chain replacement for the Oregon S90. Not so easy.


hahahahaha, its just a 14 inch chain that even home depot sells, i have used it and it worked


Any idea how to get a replacement for the neat little chain adjustment tool (allen wrench/phillips tip on a 90 degree angle?


Loews also sells the chain. Get the 52 teeth for the Lynx. 50 teeth doesnt fit.


my lynx pole saw is great but why is it leaking oil?

B.J. McKay

Can’t find any parts for the lynxx pole saw, harbor freight is no help! All they have is replacement batteries & chargers!


love their products. i wish they would provide car jump starter with usb and led flashlight, tire pump off these rechargeable batteries as well under 30 lb electric bike perhaps using multiple (upto 4) rechargeables and a portable cyclonic action battery powered vacuum as well engineered as Shark….etc, etc

John M

I bought the pole saw and I am completely satisfied. I hesitate though to buy more because I am not given the option to buy w/o the battery. I expect will not use the pole saw for another 2-3 years. I want purchase line trimmer at a reduced cost and re-use my battery 6 months out of the year. Then, would be great to sit it in charger that us also an Emergency lamp when it is not in use for other purposes


I called Corporate Offices and they said yes I can buy additional units that use the 40volt battery I need a blower. They said if I have a problem at the store to have the manager to call them and they will authorize the sale less the battery and charger.

ward cheney

I”m in the same boat. have the saw and want to buy a trimmer but can”t find one any help


I’m looking for parts for the string trimmer. Where do you get Lynxx parts?


good luck with that they were no help they said it is made over seas

Albert BLOSS

Harbor Freight does Not have and will not order any replacement parts for the3# lynx 40v chain saw #63287. The controller failed after only two short uses of cutting up maybe a total of six two inch branches. Unfortunately this was after the 90 warranty. My option was to buy a new one. They then offered to email a return sticker but that has not come, at least not yet.


trying to find lera r3 motorcontrol jhs10


Where can I purchase LERA power tools?


Clas ohlson uses same brand called Not for Sale anymore but you still can find it from google


I have the Lynxx string trimmer. Very light for such a big battery. Unfortunately the string feed mechanism is their own design and it sucks. Every time I need to feed some line I have to pick it up and literally hand feed the line. I don’t know why they couldn’t have used the industry standard, but to advance the line you are told to stop the trimmer and then restart it. Centrifugal force is suppose to feed the line. It worked for about half a spool and then guess what…. grass and the moisture from the grass got into… Read more »


funny thing I’m here because of the same problem. I figured it has to be me doing something wrong. It was also moist grass and just alittle over half way through the reel. Can’t believe they would let this out the gate so I still have to think I’m doing something incorrect.

Doris Galloway

I have all the Lynxx tools. I have spent hours trying to find parts for the string trimmer and EBay ,Amazon or anywhere can I find parts. Called Harbor Freight and they can’t get parts. The Battery does not last no time. There tools might be ch sort but if anything happens you just threw it away! That’s bad when it’s only been used a few times and the warrant is out. Sorry I wasted my money!if by chance anyone ever find where to get part please let me know.


We are having the same problem. Waste of money


wish I had read this be fore I bought the lynxx saw. the motorcontrol went out, can’t find part.


Me too! I will never buy another tool from harbor freight! Need a couple typically wear and tear parts and they no longer support my 2 year old weed trimmer. So now it’s junk!


i am looking for replacement parts for the weed eater and i can’t find any need help


Ersatzteil: Lera R3 motor control jhs 10
wo kann ich dieses Ersatzteil kaufen???

Mike Harris

I came on here looking to see if Lynxx made a drill for the 40v outdoor battery. I should love for HF to continue the line, like they have for Bauer.


Hi I have the Lynxx 40v weed eater, I like the trimmer, but I want to change the trimmer head. Who makes a 4 line feed or similar head that would wo4k for it?


With the introduction of Atlas a few months ago and Lynxx tools being relegated to endcaps and clearance shelves, it looks all but certain that Harbor Freight is killing off the brand. This is terribly disappointing for early adopters like me and doesn’t reflect well on the company. Why introduce not just a tool but a complete tool line only to discontinue it? Lynxx was their “best”-level brand too, as I recall. HF invited its loyal customers to dish out top dollar for these tools and now seems to have pulled the rug out from under them. I’d like to… Read more »


Yes, this adds “battery powered tools” to the (long) list of products never to buy from HF. Lynxx did look like good value for money, and I bought a few them, but now they end up in the “no longer supported”-pile. Keep for as long as I can keep them running, then toss them. Just because HF now are pushing Bauer and Atlas, I will not trust them to still be there a few years down the line. Fool me once…, and so on. I never buy anything battery powered from Black&Decker for the same reason. Once the Lynxx tools… Read more »


I bought a Lynxx 40V blower a year and a half ago, it worked correctly for 5 months than would not shut off without pulling the battery I bought the extended warranty so I returned it. had the second one a little over a year now and its doing the same thing. pulled it apart and tested all the switches (good) looks like its the motor controller HF has not responded to my request for parts. It is a LERA R3 #JHS10. any idea how to find one?


I purchased a Lynx 40V lithium blower last year. I need a battery replacement and I am told they no longer carry them and that they store made over-seas. I join the numbers above in that I will NEVER purchase another tool from them. I too suspect they will go by the way-side in a year or do due to serious lack of support.


how do you sell stuff and parts to repair? ridiculous

Ron Stewart

Seems HF has a habit of discontinuing Tools that have lithium batteries with no parts or support. I thought there was a law that required the company to have parts for 5 or 10 years after manufacturing. Anyone know that and how to get HF to be more complient?


I was told in Harbor Freight that they did not drop Lynxx…Lynxx dropped them. I went in for a replacement battery for my Lynxx saw which I will hold up against any gas powered saw for performance. Even though their ad said they had my replacement battery in stock, they didn’t. They sold me an Atlas battery that was supposed to be compatible but it didn’t fit in my saw.

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