Hitachi 14V Chop Saw / Metal cutting circular saw CD14DFL

  • By Javier
  • October 12, 2015
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cd14dflWouldn’t it be a great idea to make a cordless chop saw for metal cutting? Hitachi thought so and came out with the CD14DFL , a small 125mm (4.92″) 14 volt chop saw over in Japan. Great idea on it’s own, but wait – there’s more! This little chop saw detaches from it’s base and now you’re left with a metal cutting circular saw.

This gives this little unit double duty with plenty of flexibility. You can use it as a metal circular saw and cut square tubing or conduit on the spot, or bring the materials to the saw and cut square cuts with exact precision on the chop saw stand. The chop saw base comes with it’s own built in clamping system to hold down metal stock for precise cuts. The video below shows the saw being demonstrated on square tubing. This shows how practical the saw actually is and also shows us that it’s 14 volt motor is better suited for small stock.

Available in Japan in the usual Hitachi green and also available in purple. For those that don’t know, Japanese power tool manufacturers are known to produce power tools in all sorts of colors to suit the users preference. It is unknown if this metal cutting circular saw / chop saw will make it here in the USA.

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