More New Hercules 20V Cordless Tools Announced

When I was visiting my local HF store to pick up a low priced safety vest, I noticed the sign that Josh the Tool Dude spotted new Hercules 20V brushless tools. I also noticed that the sign included a Hercules family picture of lots of already released tools and several unreleased tools as well. Some of the tools were corded however most of the new unreleased tools are cordless models.

Josh the Tool Dude already mentioned 3 new 20V cordless power tools from Hercules with a brushless drill, brushless hammer drill and brushless impact driver however the new tool list doesn’t end there. There’s also 2 new vacuums with a wet dry vacuum that looks similar but not identical to Dewalt’s 20V 2 gallon wet dry vac, a smaller vacuum with fixed nozzle and detachable hose although I’m not sure if it’s a cordless or corded vac as I can’t see the battery placement. I also see a new jobsite fan that’s probably cordless, a 20v right angle drill and 3 new never seen before LED lights with a spotlight, flashlight, and wide area light. These are all of the unreleased Hercules tools that we’ve never seen before and there were also several other unreleased tools we did know about already such as the 20V angle grinder, light duty blower (not a leaf blower) and LED pivoting panel area light.

What’s also interesting about the picture are the tools we don’t see as we are still waiting for the Hercules 20V oscillating multitool, radio and jigsaw. We’ve been waiting over two years for these tools, where are they Harbor Freight?

No release dates or prices are mentioned but hopefully it doesn’t take another year before these never before seen Hercules tools hit the store shelves.

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