Ridgid 18V GenX5 Brushless Octane Hammer Drill with 1300 in-lbs Torque!

The power tool drill high torque war continues as Ridgid now has a new 18V GenX5 Brushless Octane Hammer Drill R8611506B with 1300 in-lbs Torque!

What’s interesting is that the new Ridgid brushless high torque hammer drill claims more torque than their AEG counterpart who has 1239 in-lbs torque (140Nm) and still 100 in-lbs more torque than sister brand Milwaukee’s second gen M18 Fuel drill (1200 in-lbs). Ridgid’s latest drill with 1300 in-lbs torque now sits at the top of the torque charts right beside Metabo’s best who also has the same torque numbers. Of course claimed torque numbers are one thing while real world performance is another thing. So I am curious to see if this new Ridgid model really has the huevos to back up it’s stats. I’m always skeptical of Ridgid’s claimed torque stats when they are higher than sister brand Milwaukee’s because when I reviewed their original GenX5 impact driver, it did not outperform competing flagship impacts from other brands even though Ridgid’s claimed to have much more torque.

Ridgid goes back to it’s GenX5 roots with this new brushless high torque model and includes all the features found on the original brushed motor GenX5 model with signature features such as the 1/2″ ratcheting metal chuck will LED light ring, micro torque adjustment clutch with over 100 unique torque settings, and the grip light button on the handle which I thought Ridgid and AEG were phasing out of production. Other features include the above mentioned brushless motor, separate mode select collar, multi position side handle and belt clip of course.

Because this is considered as part of Ridgid’s new branding called “Octane”, they claim you will get better performance when you pair this tool with their new hyper octane batteries with up to 65% more power, whatever that means. I’m suspecting they are saying you’ll get better runtime because their hyper octane batteries are larger capacity 6.0 ah and 9.0 ah capacities.

At the of writing it is listed on the HD site for $139 as a baretool however it is currently unavailable for purchase. Their listing might get pulled soon after, so if you don’t see it listed as you read this article, that’s why. You can learn more about this practice by clicking here.

A big thanks to Joshua B. for spotting this news!

  • Octane tool allows user to connect tool to a hyper octane battery for over 65% more power in high demand drilling applications
  • Produces an industry leading 1,300 in./lbs. of torque for heavy duty applications
  • 0-2000 RPM
  • 0-31000 BPM
  • Brushless motor technology delivers over 50% more runtime and longer motor life
  • Chuck light provides an unobstructed light directly out of the chuck to eliminate shadow around the bit
  • Micro clutch premium clutch design offers pin-point accuracy with over 100 torque settings
  • Mode selector allows the user to easily switch between hammer, drill and drive modes
  • Grip light engages light independently of the trigger
  • Backed by the industry’s only lifetime service agreement

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